Friday, 6 April 2012

Cocktail & Cinema Night

On Sunday night I went to a 'Square Eyes' event at Blythswood Square Hotel with Sarah.  It was a cinema night in their very cool screening room!

The evenings include two cocktails and canapes served downstairs in the bar followed by the film screening at 8pm with a cup of salted popcorn all for £25.  It may seem expensive but when you think about how much an adult cinema ticket is with all the added extras, it can add up to a lot.  For a luxury film experience including cocktails and yummy canapés I would say this experience was worth it and it was fun to get dressed up for the cinema!  (Come back again later for the details on what I wore!)

We went on the evening they showed Bridesmaids and had a fabulous time!  It was so nice to get out and do something on a Sunday evening (the only time Sarah is usually child free) and indulge in a little luxury.

When we arrived we were served a Cosmopolitan and canapés soon followed.  There were wild mushroom crostinis, black pudding and onion on toasted baguette, cheese soufflés and arancini.  All were absolutely delicious but I think my favourite was the soufflé (perhaps because I am missing cheese so much with my new healthy diet!)  Although they obviously weren't the healthiest of things, I am not denying myself the odd treat and this night was definitely one of those!

We then received a John Collins cocktail with elderflower which was even nicer than the Cosmopolitan!  I'd never had one before so it was nice to try something different.

 We were then led through to the screening room to settle in for the film.  We were each given a cup of popcorn and could choose our seats.  It was very relaxed and the bar was just outside if you wanted to get another drink.  Some clever ladies in the front row had planned ahead and bought a bottle of wine to share during the film!  The film was great (we'd both seen it before but not together and we both noticed more funny parts watching it a second time!)

After the film we headed up to the main cocktail bar as we weren't ready for our night to end.  Sarah ordered a Mojito while I went for the Duchess of Bedford which I'd had at my Spa Hen Do at The Blythswood and loved!  The bar has such a lovely atmosphere and was surprisingly fairly busy for a Sunday night.  I love the mood lighting they have with the tweed seats and pink carnations.

I would definitely recommend it as a special night out with friends!  We had a blast!  Oh and I enjoyed seeing my new bestie again too!  ;)


Unknown said...

Sounds like such a good night. The cocktails sound delicious and the whole atmosphere looks very decadent.

Bex said...

Decadent is exactly right, it was a brilliant night out!

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