Thursday, 12 April 2012

Soooo, the big M...

As the clever Kirsty guessed, the 'M' item I have purchased to tick off my life list - own a designer item - is indeed a beautiful Mulberry bag!  I have always loved Mulberry but never thought too much about them until recently, when I received a gorgeous Mulberry wallet from my in-laws for my 30th!!  Sadly I am used to carrying a long wallet (I have many points cards, travel cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, business cards, discount vouchers, photos, stamps, etc... which I just can't bear to cut down - I've tried before and it just bulks up again or I need something and it's not there!) cue that awkward moment of not wanting to waste such a beautiful item but not wanting to hurt any feelings as it was such a thoughtful and wonderful present!  I initially thought I might swap it for a longer wallet but after going in the Mulberry store to have a look I was distracted by the many beautiful things!  Luckily I have super understanding in-laws who were happy that I felt able to ask to swap it rather than it be left in a dark drawer somewhere only to be used once in a blue moon.  They said we are family now so they're glad I am able to be honest with them if I don't like something (although I would like to point out it wasn't a case of not liking their choice, just that it was impractical for me) and I am delighted to be able to say they helped me to buy my designer life list item for my 30th.  :)

I had initially been eyeing up the black Daria clutch as seen in my Polyvore styling of the dress I will be wearing to the wedding in May...
Emerald Outfit
I recently went into House of Fraser to have a look at the bags (as I had a £20 reward to use there and have a points card so benefit more than if I bought it in the Mulberry shop) and also noticed the Lily

Lily Bag, Mulberry

After some umming and ahhhing, I decided I would be better off with the Lily as it's more versatile (can be worn with long strap across body or on the shoulder or with the short doubled up strap over shoulder or on arm) and would probably get more use as a result compared to the more glam evening only clutch.

The next day I decided that no, the lily just wasn't me and I actually do just love the Daria and what is a designer item for if not to love!  I swapped it over and despite the lack of chain (which is a major design flaw if you ask me as most clutches seem to have one tucked inside so you can hang them over your arm if needed) I am absolutely delighted with it and can't wait to use it!!

Daria Clutch, Mulberry
It's a brilliant size which will even take my chunky compact-ish camera and I just love the over-sized  Mulberry logo as it's such a pretty tree and will go perfectly with my gold accessories at the wedding.  I can just imagine holding it with my chunky ring on against the green dress :) and I think it's a great investment bag which will last me long into the future as it's such a classic design.


Roz said...

Clearly you have amazing taste, I have the Daria in black too :) xx

kates said...

Ahh you've bought a Mulberry bag - gorgeous choice!!

I am seriously lusting after one but I don't think I've dropped enough hints yet ;-)


Unknown said...

It is beautiful. Well chosen!

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