Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Home Sweet Home

Sadly our week in Italy is over.  I was gutted to leave already, we had such an amazing time, a week was just not long enough to see and do everything we wanted when we got there - so much for a week of chilling out!  There was still a bit of sunbathing with a lot of eating, sight-seeing, eating, walking, eating, shopping, eating...  (Not looking forward to weighing myself after all the cheese, pasta, meats and cream cakes!  But whatever this Sunday's weigh-in result, it was so worth it as I seriously loved the food in Italy and enjoyed treating myself with whatever I wanted while on holiday!  Back on the wagon now.)

We had an amazing time and would definitely, definitely recommend Sorrento and are already planning to go back some day.  I will be writing a few posts about the food, my holiday wardrobe and the places we saw over the next few days so hopefully you'll find them interesting and useful if you're thinking about visiting Italy!

I will be starting with our last day as I think it was the best, we managed to squeeze so much fun stuff in before we left and I just can't wait to write about it!  :)

For now, here is our souvenir stash...

We brought home about a gallon of olive oil (including gifts) after visiting an olive grove (more on that later!), a beautiful wooden inlaid box for Nik's watches and cufflinks,
a similar pencil pot for the study,
pasta sauces,
buffalo mozzarella, (maybe I'm not quite back on the wagon yet!)
buffalo salami,
mini melon liqueur (we're not keen on the Limoncello but I wanted to try the melon version!),
some cheap white sandals (sadly my comfy nine west pair started falling apart on holiday so these will do for my next holiday!),
a lovely pair of olive green leather espadrilles,
a set of 3 scarves - pink, grey and olive green (for a bargain 7 Euros),
Italian brand turquoise eye-shadow and eye-liner,
a turquoise laser cut leather belt,
a blue beaded necklace and
the green peacock GHDs I've been coveting for months - from duty free (my old ones were 9 years old and the wire was starting to fall apart!)

Just as well we have no weight limit for the hand luggage!  We managed to pack all the olive oil and food safely in the big case with lots of plastic bags and it all survived intact thankfully!  (I made sure all my nice dresses were in the other case just in case!)

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Unknown said...

That is quite the haul! Glad you had fun and I can't wait to hear more.

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