Wednesday, 4 July 2012

1st Anniversary presents

So the traditional present for the 1st anniversary is paper (although hubby is still convinced it's cotton!  He got me a card with Anniversary embroidered on the front as a result, how cute!?) so I wanted to make something special for Nik.  It was an idea I first had when thinking of gifts for him on our wedding day but since I'd already gone a bit overboard there I decided it would make an ideal 'paper' anniversary present.  The initial inspiration came from here.

Not On The High Street

Featuring 2 bespoke hearts centred on the area of your choice.  You cou,d choose where you were both from, where you got engaged, where you got married, where you honeymooned... you could go mad with it! However for £62 I decided I would much rather make my own as I do love my wee crafty projects and it adds that personal touch.  It was so easy I managed it in my lunch hour (which was just as well since the atlas didn't arrive until Monday!)

So I ordered an Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland from the year we were married, via eBay for a mere 99p as it was battered and bruised, and drew my own heart which I used as a template.

I the found the pages I wanted to use.  I initially planned on just the places we were from to make a design similar to the one above but then discovered where I was from on the map was RIGHT next to a seam so my hearts were made smaller to fit it in the middle of the heart.  I then decided I preferred odd numbers anyway visually so went with 3 hearts but then couldn't decide which places to choose so ended up with 5 which I actually really liked the look of too!  I chose where we both grew up, where we met at work (in the middle), where we lived then (and had our first date) and where we live now (and got married).

I drew around my template placing the are I wanted in the middle of the heart and cut them out.

I then cut 5 slightly smaller hearts out of card to back the map hearts so I could stick them on with sticky pads to make them 3D and positioned them on my backing paper.

And framed them... Tah Dah!...

And wrapped in green paper obvs!

So despite me getting excited that since he thought it was cotton (he still does by the way!) maybe I would receive clothes instead of a notebook or diary or some such, I actually received these!!!...

Diamond earrings!  OMG!

AND he managed to get the same gorgeous flowers from M&S as he bought me last year in the week before the wedding (they're in the background of some of my getting ready photos)!

How lucky am I!?

Oh and we also received these beautiful flowers (I love getting flowers at work!) from my in-laws and some lovely cards and dozens of lovely comments on here and twitter!  Thanks everyone for making my day!  :D


Unknown said...

I love the gift you made - very touching, and those are gorgeous earrings too xx

Bex said...

Thanks Siobhan - you're my bestest commenter ever! Aren't you busy being all newlywedded?! ;)

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