Thursday, 26 July 2012

Doctors' Ball - what I wore

Last weekend was my first doctors' ball with Nik.  I'm so glad that they organise things like this at hospitals as the only other chance I get to get properly dressed up for a ball these days is reunions which are only every 5 years. I love the opportunity to wear a formal long dress and chose to wear the same one I wore to his graduation ball as I just love the colour and design made of chiffon and satin (it's the design my bridesmaids' dresses were based on).  I also have a gorgeous peacock feather head-band which I love and goes perfectly!

I accessorized with pale aqua colours and turquoise eye-liner.  I also wore my amazing MAC eyelashes again and my new diamond studs.


Katie said...

You look beautiful Bex.

Bex said...

Thanks Katie :)

Unknown said...

You look fabulous!

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