Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sunday Steak

So our much anticipated Sunday roast turned into Sunday steak.  We went along to meet Roz and her hubby at Grill on the Corner on Sunday for a lovely roast only to be told that they had sold out, beef, pork AND chicken!  Gutted!  Instead they offered us 40% off the rest of the menu.  Sounded good but it turns out that we could actually get that any night anyway since Roz has a member card, plus we were supposed to be getting 50% off the roast.  We asked if maybe we could get a free glass of wine each to make up for our disappointment but were told the 40% off was all they could offer us.

Anyway, we started with a lovely cocktail in the bar, Roz had a Passionfruit Sling and I had a Basil Grande, both were delicious!

Dining room

Since we weren't having the roast dinner we all decided to have starters.  This time I tried the mussels with the white wine and cream sauce, I would actually say they were the best I've had and the perfect sized portion, not an intimidating pile for a starter - I used the slices of toast to make sure I got ALL the sauce!

Nik had the calamari which was definitely fresh as it wasn't your usual rubbery rings, it was the whole thing all chopped up and deep fried.  The piece I tried was delicious and although I'm not really bothered by tentacles I can't quite face eating them ever since I saw this (read more here if you want to know the science).

We decided to order a bottle of red wine to go with our mains as we'd all decided to have steak and Roz had spotted a card in the bar with recommended wines on and noticed a Pinot Noir from Hungary (apparently it's the new New Zealand!) which we thought we would give a try as it was only £19.  Sadly it turned out that card was old and they didn't have any of that wine left either.  This time the manager came over to explain and apologise and since it was our second disappointment he had brought us over a different Pinot Noir which was worth £37, I was thinking we'd get it for the same price as the other but he told us it was not going on our bill!  Result = one delighted table.  Turns out it was even from a vineyard that Roz and Barry had been to and the wine was delicious (I really need to find another word but delectable sounds too silly!)

Roz went for the fillet steak, Nik had the Rib eye and Barry and I went hardcore and had the T-bone!

Fillet Steak & chips

Rib eye Steak & chips

T-bone steak & garlic mash
We all loved our steaks - all cooked almost perfectly (mine was a little too well done, I'd asked for medium-rare) and scrummy (also sounds silly but hey-ho!)  Barry and I were unsurprisingly stuffed but Roz and Nik managed dessert.  Roz had the red velvet cake I'd had before and Nik had the fudge cake (I had a taste of each!)

Red Velvet cake (and a rather measly amount of cream this time)

Warm chocolate fudge cake

We had a lovely evening with fabulous company and will just have to try booking again (maybe for lunch next time!) for the Sunday roast!

Roz & I outside

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Roz said...

Love this post, yummy food :) Although I really dislike the dancing squid YouTube video! Xx

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