Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nail Tutorial - Marbled/Swirl effect

I saw this swirled nail effect on Pinterest and wanted to try it out.  It was easier than I thought, even for the right hand.  Some nails worked better than others so I do need to practice, I think I put too much of the paler colour on some nails and put the top coat on too quickly on one which smudged my effect.  Oops!  I was on my own so couldn't get a picture of me actually doing it but I just followed the description on Pinterest.

The nail that worked best :)

I started with a base coat, I use Seche Clear.

Then a thick layer of the darker colour, I went with metallic colours and think it worked well with the marbled effect.  Then take a toothpick, dip it into the lighter colour and add a few dots onto the still wet 1st coat.  Take a clean toothpick and swirl the colours together to create a pattern you like.  (Handy hints: Keep a piece of old card or plastic handy to rest your toothpicks on as you switch between them.  Also, do one nail at a time so the 1st coat doesn't dry before you add the dots.  You will need to leave the top off the 2nd pot so it's ready to dip after you apply the 1st colour.)

Seal with a top coat, I use Seche Vite.

The nails I prefer are the ones which had smaller drops of the lighter colour as above, otherwise the pattern can get too mixed and isn't as pretty.  I will definitely be trying this again with other colours as it's the simplest but most effective technique I have tried yet.


Lara said...

So pretty!

Amanda M said...

Very pretty.

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