Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pin It Do It Challenge - Leopard Nails

I've chosen another nail art inspiration for this week's Pinterest challenge.

My inspiration pin is below...

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

I did it the same as shown above using the toothpicks but used more of a mink colour as the base and a metallic champagne for the spots.

I decided to paint the full nail rather than just the tips and to keep the pattern to just one nail.  Again, it was easier than I thought although I think I painted the metallic spots a little too close together so they were quite tight by the time I added the black.  A couple of areas did go a little smudgy but I'm pretty chuffed with the overall result!

If you have a pin that inspired a project you've actually had a go at, please do send it in or tweet it using the hashtag #PinItDoIt  Get those pins off the boards and into real life!  It's fun :)

Olive Dragonfly Pin It Do It


Unknown said...

I love these! Yours look so much classier than the 'Pinterest' inspo picture too :)

Unknown said...

Laura is right yours look better than the pin that inspired you :) Thanks for stating the bar so high for my first pin it do it challenge! xx

Bex said...

Thanks guys! I was hoping I made it classier :)

Sorry Roz but yours is actually ace! Much more adventurous than mine ;) (Coming on the 13th Feb people!)

Ashleigh said...

I am so impressed! I manage to smudge normal nail varnish, no way would i have the patience for those! xox

Unknown said...

I will never be good at nail art - but I like yours a lot!

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