Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sewing with Roz and The Impossible

Something VERY exciting is happening on the blog tomorrow - make sure you come back to read all about it!!  I'm pretty sure you're all going to like it :D x

Roz and I have been at the sewing again, thanks to her for making me actually DO something with my lazy Saturday (I'm currently enjoying a lazy Sunday instead ;) ).  We still have LOADS of fabric left from our spree in Mandors when we did our screen printing last year and we got started on some more adventurous projects after scarves, cushions and an apron.

We bought a few patterns at the same time with a view to making some maxi skirts and dresses (including my Olive Dragonfly dress which is the next on the list) but we started off with the most simple one - a vest.

Roz has almost finished hers but when she left to have dinner with her hubby, I managed to get mine finished off and then thought I'd make a scarf from the leftovers.  I tried it on as a scarf before sewing but it was a bit rubbish as it was too short and the print is only on one side and getting a scarf to wrap round your neck perfectly without revealing the underside is nigh on impossible and really not worth the hassle!  So I thought I would sew it into a tube so you can only see the outside with the pattern.  Still too short, although it had enough to wrap round once but finished a bit high up for my liking and not much left to tie a knot.  I thought about getting some kind of trim for it but then thought it would join up nicely like one of those infinity scarves or snoods.  I managed to figure out the right way to sew the edges together so the seam was hidden and finished it off by hand when turned the right way out.  I am really chuffed with the result as it turned out to actually be more technical than the vest,although the cutting out was obviously much more simple!

Of course, I wore it out that evening to the cinema with the girls for Sarah's birthday.  (We went to see The Impossible - extremely disturbing watching, we all left the cinema feeling drained and exhausted!  It really makes you realise just how bad that Tsunami was for those affected and it was so much worse than I had imagined!  We were surprised the film was a 12 rating, both Claire and Sarah were squirming on either side of me at certain bits, I think I'm a lot more used to blood and flesh than them, but it was horrendous to see the suffering.  The film was very well made and the acting was superb, especially from the children and Tom Holland in particular, but very harrowing.)

Anyway, on to more cheerful things again...  I wore my new snood with my leather jacket from Nik - it's already getting very good cost-per-wear results ;) - and it goes almost perfectly with my new Furla bag.  I paired them with my Oasis jeans, Next heart print jumper and sparkly M&S fingerless gloves.  It all also went perfectly with my Monica Vinader earrings from Izzy and Ishan which are also getting worn very frequently as they go with so much!

Jacket - Whistles
Bag - Furla
Scarf - Home-made (fabric from Mandors)
Jeans - Oasis
Jumper - Next
Vest - Dorothy Perkins
Earrings - Monica Vinader
Necklace - Forever 21 [incidentally if anyone in London will be passing one of these soon (our store doesn't open until March) could you please see if they still have this necklace in stock - one of the stones is missing so I need a replacement!]
Gloves - M&S
Boots - Firetrap

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Unknown said...

It is a lovely scarf - it sounds like a real achievement to figure it all out.

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