Thursday, 17 January 2013

South Korea

You may have seen my tweet a while back when we randomly booked flights to South Korea at the end of March.  I did mention if briefly on here as well in November.  We had air miles to use and a companion voucher which would expire next year (meaning we get 2 identical flights for the same number of miles as the first one, whatever class we book).  To use the miles it's best to book early as only a certain number on each flight are available and as we can't often plan early due to Nik's 4 monthly rotations and not getting his rotas in advance, we often don't know when he's off.  He doesn't always get to choose and can't usually get more than 1 week off at a time.  His current rota does allow some flexibility in holidays and he worked out we could get 9 nights away if we took a certain week in March where he wasn't working weekend shifts at either end.

So, South Korea was one of the options and we just went for it.  We do now have the rough guide but with our busy lives (and Nik's crazy hard exam recently) we haven't had the chance to do any planning yet and still have nowhere booked to stay!  So, if any of you have been before, have any tips, know anything about the country we'd love your tips!  It worked so well for us when we went to Sorrento!! You guys told us the best places to eat and see!

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We're flying to Seoul and so far that's all we know.  We're going business class again like we did on our honeymoon as we haven't really used any air miles since then and don't know when we'll get to use them again (we still don't know Nik's next job starting in August yet) so we've used them all!  It's a pretty long flight from Heathrow so we decided we'd rather be in ultimate comfort for 11 hours than save some miles.

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We're looking forward to trying the food but may have to be careful with nuts like when we went to Sri Lanka, although many of those dishes were too spicy for us anyway (and actually most did seem to be nut free).

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So exciting!!


Peridot said...

Wow - that sounds like quite an adventure. Dare I say Trip Advisor? I've used restaurant recommendations from there quite successfully.


Unknown said...

Happy to help you research this amazing trip but never been so can't recommend anything chick xx

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