Thursday, 16 May 2013

Don't stop me now!

by Roz

This blog post was originally going to be called 'It's all about the music' but I decided that was a bit naff, so thought I would name it after one of my favourite songs.  Music is such a massive part of my life, sadly I don't actually play any musical instruments, but for as long as I can remember songs are intertwined with my memories.

I love so many different types of music and I'm not ashamed of any of the bands or songs I like!  I thought I'd share a few with you all for a laugh and please let me know if these songs remind you of anything :)

Seal - Kiss from a Rose (are you all singing it in your head or is that just me??).  This song instantly transports me back to being 13 and 'camping out' in our back garden. This simply involved sleeping in a tent with friends instead of sleeping in the house! 

R Kelly - Bump n' Grind.  From a similar time as Kiss from a Rose, I can't listen to this and not cringe at the silver lycra mini dress I used to wear to the unders' disco!

ODB - Got Your Money. I've not heard this in forever, but writing this post made me think of my music memories and this song is all about student nights with my wonderful flatmates in the Garage nightclub.

Queen - Don't stop me now.

Please someone buy me this comic / artwork, it's amazing! 

This song brings so many memories, countless nights out dancing with friends and singing at the top of my lungs.  We also had this song to walk back up the aisle after we got married (and as our second dance song).  I find it impossible not to smile when I hear this song.  Oh to have seen Freddie live.

Kylie - Spinning Around.  Bam I'm on holiday with B in Tenerife (wishing my ass could rock a pair of gold hotpants like that!!).

The Killers - Somebody Told Me.  I remember exactly where I was when I heard this song for the first time on the radio.  I was doing a stock count by myself for the first time in a massive warehouse full of blokes and everything was going wrong.  I wrote in my notes that I needed to google The Killers when I got home....they are now one of my favourite bands and I've seen them / Brandon live so many times.

T-Rex - I Love to Boogie.  I'm a little kid dancing on my dad's feet round the kitchen :)
When I get home from a stressful day at work, the first thing I do when I get home is put on our Sonos and pick an artist or album that I want to listen to and nine times out of ten the music will cheer me up.  It's amazing.  If you tried to make me pick between music and books I honestly don't know what I would do!  But you can take my tv any day of the week.

Lauren and I are off to see Lana Del Rey at the SECC tonight (anyone else going?).  I just missed her gig in the Oran Mor in November 2011 which I was disappointed about and although her Born to Die album has been out for a long time, I am still looking forward to hearing what she sounds like live.  As a very welcome bonus, Kassidy are her support act (Lana is dating one of the lead singers Barrie-James O'Neill).  I saw Kassidy play live at a small charity gig in December 2011, having never heard of them before, and have followed their music with interest.  I'm not sure I would buy a ticket just to see them but I'm happy to hear them live again and this gig might just change my mind for the future!

The main dilemma for the concert is what to wear...not in the usual 'urgh I have nothing to wear' way but the concert is standing only and in my experience the hall gets very hot.  Thanks to the lovely spring weather we currently have in Glasgow, we will need our winter coats to get to the gig!  B never let's me live down the fact that I fainted at a Killers concert in the SECC (as a result of said sweltering conditions!).  We were about 5 rows from the front, right in the middle of the stage and I properly fell to the ground fainted.  Two security guards actually climbed over the barriers to lift me up, towards the stage, as the Killers walked on.  I'd love to say this story has a brilliant ending, like me getting to meet Brandon and the guys backstage, but in reality I got to miss the first 3 songs as they wouldn't let me out of the first aid tent!!  Lauren I promise not to faint tonight...

I'll leave you with a song from an artist that I would love to see live, I am Foxes and their single Youth.  You can check them out at a small gig in the Hoxton in London on 30th July, I would love to go but can't justify the expense of a trip to London.  This song is actually the first song I ever Shazam-ed, it's from a rather fabulous tv series set in New York, any guesses peeps??

Roz xx


laurenmaria said...

You faint tonight your going to the first aid tent alone lol!

Ameggy said...

Ask Glasgow mummy who her next door neighbours son has associations with band wise! You may get a pleasant surprise x

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