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#PinItDoIt challenge: Cheese, zucchini and buttermilk herb bread

This #PinitDoit was sent in by one of our lovely readers Amanda and it looks so good I think I might have to give it a go myself!  Thanks for sending it in :)  And please keep your submissions coming we really love reading them and sharing them with everyone.

Cheese, zucchini and buttermilk herb bread

As soon as I saw this cheese-buttermilk-herb bread on pinterest I knew I was going to give it a try. I pin a lot of things, but more often than not the ones that I manage to actually turn into reality are recipes.  Can you tell I love to be in the kitchen?  

Last week I made a chocolate cake that required buttermilk, but the supermarket was out of the 0.5L cartons that I normally get so I ended up with one full liter of buttermilk and I have been wondering what I was going to do with all of it. The Dutch love to drink buttermilk as it is, and we all try things for the sake of cultural immersion, but that’s just something I just haven’t been able to pull. So I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get myself to the kitchen and give a try to the cheese, olive and buttermilk herb bread I had pinned a few days ago.

I have to say I did not have some of the ingredients that the recipe called for. I replaced the Parmesan + Cheddar with Gouda, spring onions with finely chopped shallots, and parsley with Provençal herbs mix. I also left the olives out and used zucchini instead. I simply grated a zucchini, let it sit in a strainer with a little bit of salt for about 20 minutes and then “pushed” the water out of it with a fork. I didn’t have dry mustard powder (nor have I ever seen it so I just omitted it).

Recipe at :

The recipe is quite easy and straightforward: it’s one of those where you sift together the dry, mix the wet, then put both together, pour it in a pan, toss it in the oven and wait for the magic to happen. I was a just a tiny bit afraid my experiment *might* not work out as I substituted quite a few ingredients with what I found in the fridge, but the results were amazing.

This bread is moist, tender and full of flavour. I can imagine enjoying it with healthy spreads like hummus or toasted and eaten with a delicious veggie soup, like Bex’s carrot and cumin cream, which is scrumptious (and one of our favourites, so thanks for that).

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