Friday, 2 August 2013

John Lewis Vintage

by Bex

I'm so glad I perked up enough last Thursday (a good sleep works miracles!) to get my audits pretty much finished and I was able to head out and enjoy the bloggers event I was invited to at John Lewis.  It was so much fun and I got to meet some more Glasgow bloggers while enjoying some champers!

It was also lovely to meet Emma who had invited us all and Ellen from John Lewis who was hosting and filling us in on all the events in the haberdashery department where the event was held.  I had no idea they run classes there (and they're completely free!)  They were so friendly and welcoming on our evening and offered the use of their demonstration sewing machines any time to make our peter pan collars if we didn't have a machine at home.  The event was held in the haberdashery department with a little area set up with bunting and cake stands.  There were lots of items made my some of the John Lewis partners such as the cushions and peter pan collars on display.

They have some gorgeous vintage themed sewing supplies and accessories at the moment!

Beautiful fabrics

The cakes were beautiful and SO tasty!  I had no idea they were all made in house at the John Lewis cafe but I will definitely be going back for more carrot cake - they even offered to make one specially for me next time since they hadn't known about my allergy to nuts!  I hate it when carrot cake has walnuts in as I love carrot cake (and you already know about my addiction to cream cheese icing), this one didn't but they were concerned about traces - I couldn't resist and had one anyway and survived ;)

After introductions and a few bubbles, we tucked into the food while watching a video tutorial showing how to make our own peter pan collars.  You can see the video here if you fancy giving it a go, it looks pretty straight forward but is so effective for jazzing up a plan top.

We were then shown a live demo perfecting a gorgeous pout using Elizabeth Arden products.

Then Sarah, Emma and I had our pouts perfected as well...

Sarah with her perfect pout and a beautiful victoria sponge

At the end of the evening, we all received an amazing canvas goodie bag full of all the materials we needed to make our own collars along with a very cute little sewing tin and a few sewing supplies.  We also got a copy of the tutorial on DVD and some Elizabeth Arden and Liz Earle treats.

I'll let you know how I get on making my collar and if I sign up to any classes at John Lewis, I'm tempted by the knitting one!


Unknown said...

How do you get invites to all these cool things? It looks like so much fun :-)

I'm off to see if Edinburgh's John Lewis does sewing classes xox

Bex said...

It was loads of fun Ashleigh! We just got an email from a PR company inviting us. Not sure how they found the blog but I'm glad they did :)

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