Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Keel-bellied Whip Snake

by Bex

While we were relaxing by the beach at Rasa Ria, I noticed a bit of a commotion over by another sunbed.  Someone had spotted a snake and one of the rangers (who look after the orangutans), Laslie, was trying to catch it to remove it to safety back in the rainforest.

Obviously I leapt up and grabbed my camera!  It looks as though he is trying to stand on it, but he was just using his foot to try to isolate the snake's head to be able to pick it up without hurting it or it biting him!  You can see how aggressive it was while he was trying to capture it...

Once he actually managed to pick it up and the snake realised it wasn't in any danger, it soon calmed down and was quite happy sniffing the area with his tongue, relaxing in Laslie's hands and winding round his fingers.

It had a really awesome tongue which was red, yellow and grey!

He said it was a keel-bellied whip snake and pretty harmless.  It's only mildly venomous and rarely bites.

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