Saturday, 3 August 2013


by Bex

You've all heard me going on about (and if you follow me on instagram or Twitter, seen) the amazing but full on time we had in Malaysia!  I have so many pictures to share, stories to tell and activities to rave about.  But what do you want to hear about?  I am so excited writing about some of the things, but they may be different from what you're interested in.  Below is a summary of blog posts I plan to write over the next few weeks (you will be inundated with Malaysia posts either way) but which are you excited to hear about?  The outfits?  The orangutans?  The hotels? Jet skiing?  The local market?  The food?  The diving?...

Let me know in the comments below and I'll curate a fantastic starter week of Malaysian posts starting on the 12th!  :)  The rest will just be slotted in between our usual content over the next few weeks (you know I can't keep it short & sweet.  I'm afraid there will be overkill, far too many pictures to share!)  I'll be coming back to add the links here as I write them as well so this is sort of a Malaysia Index if you like ;)

Shangri-La hotel KL
Meeting Emmi
Little India
Neo Tamarind review (dinner with Bella & Clare) & Traders Skybar
Day 2 in KL - Suria Mall, sushi in the park
KL outfits
Port Dickson (Mum & Dad's house)
Meridian hotel Borneo - room & breakfasts
Sunset Photos
Diving with Downbelow at Pulau Gaya in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
Shangri-La Borneo (Rasa Ria Resort)
Jet Skiing
Local Tamu (market) and Malaysian countryside
Kudos restaurant review
Shopping in Borneo - fabric shop, markets, mall
Borneo outfits
Cocktails in Coast
Naan review
Dinner with Govi (Mum & Dad's friend in PD)
Matsu Sushi review
Blog drink
Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club
KL day trip - Kraft Komplex, shopping, bus tour, Chinatown
Malaysian fruit
Frozen Grapes
PD outfits
Travelling - 12 films

Crikey, I'm going to be busy writing about all that!  No wonder I came home so tired!  :)


Jen said...

Orangatauns, sushi and cocktails! X

Bex said...

Just wanted to add the instagram & Twitter comments over here, so glad you're keen to hear about it :)

The foooooood!!
The monkeys x
The outfits!
All of it!! Miss that place. Seriously food and orangutans please
I miss Malaysia! Everything! x

Claire ‏@manxclaire
@OliveDragonfly all of it :) but the monkey wins!

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