Wednesday, 7 August 2013

ODCC - Craft Club!

Well it's been so long since we've had a meeting but hopefully you're all up for another one soon?  The last one ended up being a bit of a disaster as despite choosing the best date on doodle, it was so far in advance that by the time it came to it, no-one could come anymore.  I'm going to plan this one for next month as that should give everyone enough notice but not so far in advance that people forget or end up with more important plans.  I really enjoyed the first meeting and really hope some of you would like to come along again.

Olive Dragonfly Craft Club

I've just found out my Mum has booked her flight back here for my cousin's wedding in October and I'm getting her ALL to myself for a whole week and a half before Dad arrives and they start going off to visit other relatives before the wedding.  :)

Mummy OliveDragonfly would love to join in with a meeting so I've made a doodle for a few dates during that time.  Please fill it in only if you intend to come and I will choose the most popular date.

The plan for the next meeting is to make bath bombs, smelly and messy but fun and great for gifts or treating yourself to a pampering session.  I know Aisling, Anna and Roz enjoyed the ones I made earlier this year.  There will be some home baking and drinks and of course plenty of chat :)

If you're on the ODCC mailing list you will have already received an email with the link to the doodle poll and if you want to join in and you're not already on the list, just email me at to be added.

I've also got some great ideas for a Christmas themed meeting in a few months too so watch this space!

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