Friday, 23 August 2013

Splurge Vs Save

by Bex

This is kind of a cheat Splurge Vs Save as it's not really very similar nor is it a challenge as we usually do it so you can guess which is which.  I did promise we'd get back to doing SvS more regularly as a couple of you have missed it and truthfully so have we, they just take a bit more time to put together.  Look out for some more soon but for now, here is a top I found which got me interested in a trend I really don't like, despite being green!

You may have all seen the Kenzo tiger top and resulting copies which can be found on the high street.  They have featured in many a magazine and blog but I just don't like them at all.  It does come in other colours but the green seems to be the popular one, although the grey has also sold out too.  At £175 for a sweater, it's a pretty pricey trend.

Image Source

What I found recently though is a (vaguely) similar design, albeit much more subtle, which I actually love!

Tiger Top

It's from Asda and was just £14.  I love the subtle white on white design of the tiger head.  The embroidery is very 3D which is difficult to see in pictures but looks great in real life.  As always, I'd rather wear something I love than follow trends and I know this isn't anywhere near as trendy looking, nor is it the 'it designer sweater' but I love it.

Worn here with my star print grey skinny jeans but I think it will also look great paired with one of my many maxi skirts or a pair of dark blue flares.  I'm sure you'll be seeing this top on the blog again soon!  :)

 I know the only similarity is that it's a sweatshirt with a tiger's head on it but if you're after something more similar to the Kenzo one, Asda also had this tiger T-shirt for just £8 which I actually quite like as well.


Amanda M said...

No, I completely agree - your Asda one is much nicer - and looks much more expensive too! It's grrrrrreat (sorry)

Anonymous said...

Love it. Yaye for you...I might be schlepping to asda for a nosey this top could be part of my mummy wardrobe if only it wasn't white! ;-)

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