Friday, 13 September 2013

Hindu Wedding Outfit - Saree

On the Saturday down in London was the Hindu wedding ceremony, for which I wore my gorgeous green saree again.  I accessorized it slightly differently this time with a cuff on one wrist as well as a different headband, bindi and earrings.

 Thanks again to Auntie S who tied, folded and draped it for me :)

Cuff - Forever 21

Bindi from Singhaar, Lashes from MAC

Bangles from Singhaar, Nail Polish - Models Own

Shoes from Debenhams, headband from Anthropologie, earrings from Spitalfields Market and Rox.

Nik wore the Kurta Pyjama suit we found for him in Little India in Kuala Lumpur.  It's a sort of greeny-grey colour with a lovely pattern, tiny bit of bling and white trousers.

MIL & FIL looked pretty smart too!  :)


Laura said...

You look lovely Bex! The colour of that sari is amazing!

Amanda M said...

You look utterly amazing! What did Nik think? (He looks good too btw!)

Unknown said...

You look FANTASTIC Bex! x

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