Friday, 13 September 2013

Indian Wedding Outfits - Mendhi

by Bex

As you probably know, I was at a big family wedding recently and had an outfit to plan for each of the three events.  Always fun!  :)

On the Friday night everyone got together for music, dancing and mendhi.  For this I managed to find a new Indian outfit in Little India in KL, Malaysia.  They called it a Punjabi Suit but I think it's just the same as a Salwar Kameez?  If you follow me on instagram, you will have already seen these phone snaps of my outfit but I have a few proper ones to share below.

I absolutely love the detailing on it.  It's not normally a colour I would go for but I've been navigating towards blue a lot lately (don't worry, nothing's ever going to top my green obsession!) and I really loved the tan and gold against the dark blue with a bit of added bling!

These outfits are usually worn with trousers underneath but the skinny ones that came with it wouldn't go past my calves!  Malaysians are pretty tiny (or so I like to tell myself)!  I prefer to wear this style as a dress anyway and put my spin on it.  Although I did wear my salwar kameez with the trousers to my Brother-in-Law's wedding mendhi last year.  I would normally have made it shorter (knee length) as I don't think midi styles suit me but I love the lacy gold trim so left it.

It went perfectly with the gold shoes (Nine West) I bought for last years' family wedding and a tan bag (also from Nine West) which I bought in Saudi Arabia years ago.

Bracelets - Dorothy Perkins, H&M and New Look, ring - ebay.

Unfortunately the dress had to be adjusted while in KL (they only had one size) and was still quite baggy at the waist and made a bit too snug under the arms and tight across the bust, leaving lots of excess fabric in front of the armholes.  I managed to improve the fit by adding a couple of darts here and there but you can see in the picture above, it's not the best fit around my arms.  I was pretty pleased with it though since that was a rather hellish, busy week back after Malaysia and it was done in a bit of a rush on the Friday morning before flying down to London!

Bindi - Singhaar, earrings - Accessorize, Rox

Nik wore the outfit we'd ended up buying as a backup for him for our wedding when his planned outfit turned out to be a complete disaster.  (In the end it was Samir who saved the day, lending us the perfect green Indian suit!)

And my MIL wore olive green!  :)

This afternoon I am sharing the outfit I wore on the Saturday so come back later to have a nosey!  ;)


Lorri said...

The midi length dress does suit you. You look lovely. Looking forward to a nosey later! Lorri

Zan said...

Oooh very pretty! That style of suit (with the flaring out part way down) is called an anarkali style. I had a similar styled outfit for my Mehndi (in royal blue, one of my fav colours!). And yes, the tight trousers are a bit of a pain! Luckily my top was very long so you couldn't see how ridiculous the trousers looked on me ;-)

The blue looks really lovely on you x

Amanda M said...

Oooohhh I do want that dress

Unknown said...

That length really DOES suit you - and the colour too - you look stunning Bex x

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