Monday, 23 September 2013

Like Riding a Bike

by Bex

You may remember the last time I went riding with Liz it was foggy and a bit chilly but we had a go at jumping some of the cross country jumps out on the estate.  I had a brilliant time and absolutely loved having a go at jumping again - it's been many years since I had a jumping lesson and I haven't done it since.

Recently, Liz invited me back through to her Mum's estate again for another nice long hack and this time we had glorious sunshine!  We also stopped in to practice on some new cross country jumps the farmer had set up in the field for us.

The last time I managed to get Sasha over the small jump out on our ride but she refused the next, slightly bigger one, 8 times!  (I was exhausted trying to get her over it so handed over to a much more experienced Liz who managed it on the second attempt!)  Anyway, this time round it was entirely the opposite problem!  Sasha was raring to go and perhaps a little too excited.  I was struggling to pull her back and slow her down so she wouldn't take the jump too fast.  She was clearly enjoying it though, as was I!

I have no idea if my skills are still up to scratch but I had a great time and went over the jumps about 3 times so we managed to get some pictures and a video this time.  :)  Since Sasha was battering over them so quickly, I've added some slo mo effects this time too ;)

The rest of our ride out was lovely and again, I am so grateful to Liz for inviting me and to Kate for letting me ride her beautiful horse!  (And to Liz's Mum for the full on breakfast before we headed out!  And for the carton of free range eggs from her chickens!)  It's so nice to get out in the countryside on horseback.  I really do find it so therapeutic!  I definitely need to live in the countryside again one day!

The farm and obligatory farm dog ;) 

I think she remembered me ;)

We went down onto the beach this time

Edinburgh in the background

View from the top of the hill we just cantered up

The pigs back at the farm

Having a good old scratch after our fab ride

Waiting patiently for dinner

It was all timed beautifully again as the day Liz asked me to join her was the same day I was going through to Edinburgh anyway to meet up with some of the AOW girls in the afternoon!  :)  Come back on Thursday to read all about it!  (Warning - seriously cute pictures of twin babies!)

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