Friday, 27 September 2013

Summer in the park

by Bex

After having been so organised with the blog for so long, I'm now down to my last 3 finished posts with lots of half-finished drafts again!  It's been a rather busy time lately with so many distractions and not enough time to write about them all!  I knew I shouldn't have done so many 2 post days but I get too excited to share things I write and don't want to wait weeks to post them all!  Oops!  :)

Before we left for Malaysia (and missed the best of the UK heatwave) in July we had a lovely day of sunshine in Glasgow and spent it chilling out in a couple of the parks nearby.  I got adventurous wearing an old strapless top with a maxi, dressed up with a statement necklace to counteract any feeling of nakedness with bare shoulders!

Necklace - Wallis
Maxi skirt - Primark
Boob tube -
Watch - Guess
Bracelet - homemade
Bag - M&S
Sunglasses - ebay (bought for wedding)

Nik was busy so I sauntered along to Maxwell park on my own with a Twister to munch along the way.  He came to join me when he could and we relaxed on my rainbow towel and tartan blanket near our wedding venue which is situated within the park.

(I'd taken my necklace off to avoid any weird tan-line shapes!)

After I'd been reading for a while, Nik got bored so we decided to head to Rouken Glen, a much bigger park which I'd never been to before.  It's a beautiful country park with waterfalls, a pond and acres of space to wander around.

We came across some cute little cygnets munching on pondweed.

When a toddler started feeding them bread and the big daddy swan got closer (not the best at throwing yet).

It was a lovely day out in the sunshine.  I remember that this was right at the start of our first IVF cycle as we had a bit of a panic getting back in time for my 1st ever self-administered injection as we'd completely lost track of time and my reminder went off on my phone (luckily) so we had to rush back home!

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Unknown said...

Aw i miss summer already! Come back sunshine!

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