Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Afternoon tea at Strata - a review

by Roz

Tuesdays here on the blog are usually reserved for Forever House updates but I need a bit of a break from house chat this week....not because there are no updates, things are moving at full speed at the house with a number of different tradesmen helping to make some key changes.  We just had the busiest weekend (planning the scope of work for the electrician and draining the central heating system and removing nearly every radiator in the house!) but I never actually had the chance to take any photos or properly plan a post.  So I thought I'd share some cake and cocktails with you all instead :) 

At the end of August I took my mum for afternoon tea at Strata on Queen Street in Glasgow.  I had an itison voucher which seemed like amazing value, for £18 we both got afternoon tea (sandwiches, scones and a selection of cakes) and two cocktails each from a choice of five.  It was definitely a brilliant deal as I saw afternoon tea with one glass of Prosecco advertised for £19 each when we were there!

We went on a Sunday and the bar was nice and busy with a buzzing atmosphere, we were shown to a nice table in the window and given the cocktail menu to choose our drinks.  Unfortunately despite arriving at 3pm our food wasn't brought to us until 3.45pm.  We had finished our first cocktail by then, we both went for a bramble as we fancied something gin based and it was fantastic!

When the food came it certainly didn't disappoint.  The portion sizes were generous, not always the case with a bargain voucher deal, and the flavours were lovely.  There were four different sandwiches and they were all yummy!  From left to right we enjoyed Smoked Salmon (and some kind of greenery, sorry I don't remember what it was!), Cucumber and butter(!) yip just cucumber, Pastrami and tomato and Egg & Cress Mayo.

The cakes were very, very good!  In addition to the freshly made sultana scones, served with butter and jam, there were hot from the oven brownies that were still a little bit gooey in the middle, mini lemon meringue pies, white chocolate posset / mousse and spiced cupcakes.  In fact there was so much food we needed to take the cupcakes and one of the brownies home with us in a tub :)

The white chocolate mousse was maybe my favourite of the cakes if I was forced to pick, it literally melted in your mouth.  And I loved the little glass espresso cups too.

We loved our afternoon tea at Strata and I highly recommend snapping up the offer we got if it comes up again.

Roz xx

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Lisa-Marie said...

That is SUCH a bargain! Hsving to wait is a shame, but I suspect the cocktails eased the pain!

Noble Nourishment said...

That white chocolate mousse looks to-die-for! Of all the afternoon teas, yours has the biggest portion sizes! Well done, Strata!

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