Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cherry & Vanilla Liqueur recipe

by Bex

This is another recipe idea from BBC Good Food magazine - I have decided I need to keep up the subscription - I get so excited when it arrives and I always find plenty of recipes I want to try!  The great thing about this one is that it is open to interpretation - you can use it as a prompt to make all kinds of combinations of liqueur and it's SO easy.  I chose cherry as my main flavour and decided to keep this one simple with just vanilla added.  (I had planned to add some orange zest too but ran out of room in the jar after adding my cherries!)

50g golden caster sugar
350ml vodka
100g frozen sour cherries
1 vanilla pod

Add all ingredients to a sterilised jar or bottle and seal.  Turn every day for 4 weeks, strain and serve chilled over ice or add to mixer of your choice, I plan to add mine to soda water and think it will be lovely added to Prosecco as a change from the usual Kir Royal.

After 3 weeks it already looks like this - you can see how much the cherries have infused - I can't wait to taste it!

I will probably serve it at Halloween and if it's really good, I might make some more for Christmas gifts.


Vonnie said...

Adding vodka to prosecco just tells me that you are a girl after my own heart ;)

(Last time I was drinking wine with my friend I wasn't keen on the bottle, so added peach schnapps to it. Rocket fuel.)

This looks really yummy - just in time for Christmas as well. Nice one! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Gemma C-S said...

YUM - I think you should definitely serve this at the weekend! ;) x

Glasgow Mummy said...

I love cherry!! Looks yum!

Gwen - TheFoodieHistorian said...

This looks amazing! I had a go at making orange vodka last year - it didn't work - I think I got the quantities hideously wrong! But this looks much more like it. That's one or two Christmas presents sorted!

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