Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Halloween Decor Ideas - Pin It Do It

by Bex

It's officially one month until our Olive Dragonfly Party weekend!  The 2nd of November is our Halloween party and preparations are well under way!  We are just a little excited!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  ;)

If you follow me on Pinterest you will definitely have noticed quite a few Halloween themed pins lately!  My Halloween board is my most popular and I have a fair few ideas from it that we will definitely be doing for our Halloween party at #ODP2!

My bunting is now finished and I'm thrilled with it!  In fact since writing this I have made some more as I had a few triangles left over so had to buy a few extra scraps of fabric to make up another set or two!  ;)  I'm also happy to report that Mandors now has some Halloween fabrics in store - not many but a couple of cute ones!  I'm really glad I found some on ebay as I particularly love the owl and pumpkin prints you can see below!

I have also come up with a few ideas of my own as well (although I'm sure I might find something similar if I searched hard enough!) and obviously want to share them here in case any of you are throwing your own party and looking for ideas.  Although obviously we just hope you come to ours ;)

One idea I have is for a 'Poison and Potion Bar' and I found some great bottles in a charity shop which I plan to fill with some kind of cocktail mixes in Halloweeny colours.  I also have some old oil bottles and a couple of old bottles used for gifts (like flavoured vodkas) which will look great as part of the display.

The big one was only £1.50!!

I recently found some teenie little glass jars in a craft shop and decided to make a few 'ingredients' jars.  I also bought some googley eyes which I stuck together and used my old wedding Fimo to make some little eyeballs coloured in with a permanent marker.

Super simple but I think they look pretty effective as 'Eye of Newt' and 'Toad eyeballs'.

I then raided my craft drawers for more ideas and ended up with the following...

'Spider Webs', 'Spider Legs', 'Cricket Legs', 'Frog Intestines', 'Fairy Wings'

I will also be making some little labels for them to make it clear to those with a little less imagination than myself  ;)  Obviously you could do something similar on a bigger scale and I plan to make some bigger eyeballs with glow in the dark Fimo to put in a jar!

I've also ordered my glow sticks and made a start on cutting out the eyes on all the toilet rolls I've been collecting for this idea ...

What do you think so far?  Any ideas for more 'ingredients'??


Ashleigh said...

These are all awesome, I love the eyeballs!! Gutted I can't come :-( xoxo

Amanda M said...

It looks SO amazing! You should definitely be a party planner

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

Fab ideas! Love the bunting! What about plastic spiders in the jars like I did last year? Xxx


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