Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Our Forever House - the Attic

by Roz

So it's time for the final tour of the forever house, the attic floor!  It will be a short post today as the attic is the smallest of the floors.  There are no high ceilings or ornate cornicing up here but we still have some exciting plans for the space.  The rooms at the top of the plan below are at the rear of the house and the ones at the bottom are at the front of the property.  The large room at the front of the property is marked on the plans below as a store because it was used as a store room by the previous owners.

As you can see, the store is actually quite a large room and is going to be an office and craft room.  We have removed all of the shelves that you see in the picture below and the plan is to put a large desk under the sloping roof that runs almost the length of the space.  This will allow plenty of space for a desktop computer and still leave lots of crafting room :)  The room is constantly flooded with flight thanks to the big velux skylight.

The office / craft room
I'm not so keen on that little doorway you can see though....it leads through to the loft space, which is pretty big and scary(!) if you have an imagination like mine!  It runs the full length of the room at hobbit height and then has a smaller area where you can just about stand up.  I think I might leave trips to the loft space to B.

Do I look happy at being in the loft space?!  Seriously it's the space of nightmares in the making.  I can't decide if putting a lock on the door will help me or make it worse - I'm imagining being the one locked in there!!!  Yikes.
The room I am most excited about up here is the my library!  Unfortunately this is the only room on the floor without a lovely cast iron fireplace but even that's not annoying me.  I can't wait to build my walls of bookshelves and pick a spineless classic to go in a frame above the fire....which one to get?  Although B has already suggested we could get a few to go on in the hallway, there's a big blank wall in the hallway so I'm loving that idea!

The floorboards in this room are lovely.  They are big, wide boards and are in really good condition compared to so many of the other ones in the house, I'm now torn whether to go with floorboards and a big fluffy rug in here or just to stick with the carpet I was planning originally.  Any thoughts guys?

The hallway - look at that big blank wall!
The last room on the floor is an almost mirror image of the library, it's just a slightly shorter room.  This is the only room in the whole house that we don't currently have a plan for.  It really stresses B out but I'm happier just to go with it and see what we need the space to become.  We are probably going to put a sofa bed in here and then the room can be an extra guest bedroom or chill out room.

The room with no name
The wonderful view from the rear attic rooms
Well guys, now you've seen the whole house.  I guess that means I need to start showing you some of the progress we have made!  There have been endless hours spent doing as many of the labour intensive jobs as possible and we have made genuine progress, there are definitely exciting times ahead :)
Roz xx


Unknown said...

THE LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Love the library and office/craft room. I'm pro wooden floors in libraries for some reason, but it needs to be cosy, to allow for hours and hours of reading, so maybe see how cold it gets and then decide?


Amanda M said...

Ahhhhh, le sigh! A Library..... *goes off into dreamy reverie*

PS I could totally fit in the hobbit room, being, er, hobbity in stature.

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