Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Summary

by Bex

It's been a while since I've really felt like writing but I've had a brilliant weekend in to really get into it, catch up on some TV shows (I've had to delete lots of things off the Sky+ box as it was so full of series' and films since I've not watched anything for weeks!), get some more Halloween crafting done and generally stay cosy in the flat all weekend - Sarah even came over for coffee and a long chat :)  It always makes me happy to have the feeling of a restful weekend but also having managed to get a lot done.  Especially while eating chocolate and jelly beans ;)

It does mean that this week on the blog will be full of Halloween crafts - I'm just too excited and it's less than 2 weeks away now!!

Last week we had a glimpse at my beautiful cousin on her wedding day, heard all about Roz's kitchen plans (they look SO amazing!), I shared a seasonal Autumn soup recipe and we told you all about our fab evening in Brel (seriously good ribs!).

I also did my first outfit post in a while - my dragonfly dress (first seen here) from Dorothy Perkins seemed to be a big hit on Twitter :)

Next week you'll be hearing all about how I made the Halloween party invitations for #ODP2 along with a few other crafty bits including some sparkly fangs and the most awesome bargain candelabra ever!

I'm also sharing the delicious pink meringue recipe I made for this month's baking club which you can read all about on the Glasgow Baking Club blog (and about our famous member, Kirsty Montgomery!).  We'll also be telling you about a fab new bar/restaurant in town called The Hope which we were invited along to on Thursday evening for their launch night, I had a great time enjoying lots of tasters of the food and lots of Prosecco!

I'm now off to do something else I haven't done enough of lately - reading!  Nik's on a long run of nights so he's asleep - I might just snuggle in next to him with my book :)


Kirsty @Bake Good said...

Those Halloween cards are adorable! Looking forward to all the Halloween themed posts!
I'm going to have to post a few Halloween recipes the next couple of weeks I think.

Vonnie said...

God Bex is there anything you're not good at?! ;)

Bex said...

Singing! ;)

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