Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Cards with paint swatches!

by Bex

You may have seen the dragonfly cards I made using paint swatches - originally seen on Pinterest and shared here as a Pin It Do It.  It is now one of my most repinned pins!

Anyway, I decided to make a few Christmas versions too and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out!  Definitely one for this Saturday's craft club.  If you fancy joining us and haven't already emailed me, just get in touch and I'll let you know the details!

Again, this is a very simple card to make.  Just find some paint swatch samples in the appropriate colours and choose your shapes of punch.  I went for a Christmas tree and a snowflake and the obvious choices of green and blue.  You can get punches of all shapes and sizes from various places but I have bought most of mine quite cheaply on ebay.  Simply punch out the shapes and if you're neat about where you punch them out of the swatches, you can trim those and use them too!

You can make lots of different designs using the same shapes too.  I tried a couple of different ideas but I like the basic ones best.

I also made some gift tags using the same idea...

I've made a few different designs of gift tags using other ideas too (mainly glitter!) and will be sharing those ideas next week :)

Which is your favourite design above?  I like the Christmas trees in a row.


littleswallow said...

Super cute idea!! Love this x

Unknown said...

These are seriously cute.

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