Friday, 20 December 2013

Glasgow Architectural Salvage

by Bex

When Nik and I were searching for wood to make our Christmas shelves, we ended up finding Glasgow Architectural Salvage when looking for a wood recycling place in the west end.  As soon as we walked inside the massive warehouse I was excited!  There was SO much cool stuff everywhere and I was convinced we'd find something good.

This place has all manner of awesome stuff ranging from sinks and doors to fireplaces and chimney pots, even keyhole covers and door handles.

A very ornate toilet!

I would LOVE to do up that cabinet!

On my second visit there I even managed to find some crockery which at 25p were too good to pass up!

They also have quite a collection of bottles dotted around...

And radiators...

Even a massive clock face!

So, other than the wood (which were bible shelves from the backs of pews) for our DIY project, I also came home with some fab old bottles (one of which says GLASGOW) and 3 gorgeous grey patterned bowls which I plan to use for serving Christmas dinner sides.


M-J said...

This place looks awesome! i remember stumbling across a place very similar to this in St Cyrus (near Aberdeen) and it was an absolute treasure trove. Back then I didn't have a house, but I'm dying to go back and could happily rummage for hours! x

Unknown said...

What a cool place!

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