Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Our Forever House - (Lots of) Furniture needed!

by Roz

Recently I bought the first piece of furniture for the new house!  Actually that's not true, Glasgow Mummy recently moved house and I bought two lovely pieces from her.  One beautiful oak chest of drawers that is going to be perfect for the nursery and an oak bedframe that will eventually live in the guest bedroom.  It's such a big house to furnish and we have very little furniture in our current modern flat, so even once the current hard work is done, there will still be lots of decisions to make!
The piece I want to share with you today is a vintage dressing table that I bought on eBay.  I'd been searching for lots of different bits and bobs on eBay, not taking it too seriously given the stage the house is at currently with the work schedule, but increasingly noticing that very few bargainious vintage pieces that I actually liked ever came up for sale in Scotland!

Then I found this baby...

You can see from this first picture that it's been used well as the top is worn, chipped and stained but I really liked the style of it, including the drawers and the big mirror.  I saw it the day before the auction ended and nobody had placed a bid despite the auction price starting at only £9.99.

If you look really closely you can see my Christmas jumper in the mirror!

The dresser lived over the other side of Edinburgh, about an hours drive from us, and I was also knew that it wouldn't fit in our car, so I wasn't really sure whether to bid for it or not.  I obviously did, seen as the pictures above are of the dresser in our L-shaped room, and with most ebay auctions it was hard not to get carried away....in the end I paid £42 for the dresser and I am so happy with it.  My lovely dad did have to drive a 4hr round trip to help me pick it up in their big car, thanks dad!
Before I picked it up, slightly unsure of the actual condition of the wood, I was thinking of sanding it and painting it a white or cream colour and potentially adding some colour by painting the drawers a bright colour.  But now I've got it in the flesh I think I'll go with a wood stain or oil.   What do you guys think?

I love the drawers on the dresser top and the two little glass protectors for the top, which should help prevent stains from any make up spills.  The dresser is going to live in the window of our dressing room and I am so excited about having somewhere to store all my make up and sit and get ready!  At the moment our spare room is always a mess as I sit in the bed to get ready each morning and make up clothes get left all over it.  I always think there's no point in tidying it away as I need it again the next morning, but that means the room is always messy.

I also plan to get some new fabric to recover the original foot plate.  I need to decide how I am going to paint or stain the wood first and then decide on a fabric that goes well with the revamped piece.  I also want to change the lights on each side of the mirror, but I haven't really started looking at what style would look good or even what style I like.

I really can't wait to share the after shots with you!  I think this will be a project for over the Christmas break, as I really want to get it finished before bump gets too big :)

Roz xx


Unknown said...

That is such a cute piece, and what a bargain! Thank goodness for Dads, we've had to put in similar requests when we were ferrying about things when moving house.

Love the idea to replace the footplate fabric, have you thought about something wipe clean, just in case any lotions/potions or powders are dropped/spilled on there? I bet there would be some great designs in the IKEA haberdashery or others in Glasgow!

Unknown said...

I really like that piece of furniture! I am quite pro sanding and waxing or oiling, but think some fresh paint could work depending on the condition of the wood. I love the idea of ceovering the fabric on the footplate too!

Anonymous said...

Love it Roz - really beautiful. Personally I would paint it cream, but will look good whatever you do as it is a real statement piece! x

Chiara said...

Oh it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see it when its finished.

Anonymous said...

Do tell! What jobs do you have that allow enough time energy & money to take on such a huge & wonderful project? Engineers...bankers..bonkers....or maybe landed gentry ?
Really would love to know ...way to go for the next generation!

Rebecca@FlorenceFinds said...

Lovely - will fit in nicely at the forever house!

I think it's Art Deco... you could paint it, but I htink that make it look a bit 'vintage' - would be bit more luxe looking in a walnut type stain and nice new handles.

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