Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Summary & Weigh In

by Bex

We had a fab week on the blog this week with Roz's fabulous find for her dressing room, the Christmassy shelving unit Nik and I made using old pieces of wood from pews and a peek at all our Festive Fripperies including our fab £25 tree from Ikea!  I also shared a very indulgent fig roulade recipe and told you about our lovely experience at Bread Meats Bread.

It's been another busy week here for me!  I've had 6 events this week alone, although I'm not complaining as they've all been great fun and luckily I had Friday off work!  Phew!  As a result there has been lots of yummy food & drink and very little exercise so I am not at all surprised at this week's weigh in having gone up.  I have been enjoying feeling better though and have already noticed a change in my body so am relishing choosing outfits again and am feeling more confident.

Start Weight = 185.8
Current Weight = 183.2 lbs
Total Loss = 2.6 lbs

On Monday evening, Nik and I did some Christmas ornament crafting which you'll see the results of on Wednesday, it was great fun and more successful than I expected!  :)

On Tuesday night I went along to October in Princes Square for the Bloggers' Christmas Party which was great fun in all our Christmas jumpers (and awesome onesies!) and very well organised by Paula and Scott.  Unfortunately it was very hot (despite me anticipating this and being cunning with a Christmas T-shirt underneath!) and I started to feel unwell (possibly as a result of drinking a cider for the first time in a few weeks, my tummy did not react well - I'm still waiting for my colonoscopy appt) so had to leave early.  Nik arrived to collect me during the raffle and I completely missed secret santa so I never received a gift back after dropping my gift in at the start :(

Wednesday despite being tempted to go home after work, I forced myself along to the pool and ended up enjoying it so much I really pushed myself and managed 50 lengths in 33 mins (I usually do 40 in 30).  The rest of the week hasn't been so good on the exercise front what with having days off and so many events I haven't done as much walking nor had time to swim again.

My day off on Thursday was fantastic, I went along to meet Adele from Stripe PR and a photographer on Byres Road for a feature for the Evening Times on greener shopping for Christmas Party outfits.  Instead of buying something new, the Scottish Government are encouraging people to shop smarter and greener and we wanted to demonstrate how easy that could be in charity shops.  We found some absolute gems in Oxfam which you'll be hearing all about on the blog as soon as it's been published in the paper!  It was such a fun afternoon and I ended up purchasing a few items for myself after we were done ;)

I arrived home that day to find an unexpected parcel waiting for me, containing this amazing scarf and a couple of lovely cards from Bex!

That evening Nik and I headed out for our fancy Champagne dinner at The Finnieston to celebrate my birthday, as he will be on nights from my actual birthday until 3rd Jan :(   Dinner was fabulous with a different glass of champers with each of the 7 courses!  Luckily my tummy held up and we both really enjoyed the food and various Champagnes, we're even considering a bottle of one of them for Christmas day.

I was glad to have Friday morning off and in the afternoon was my work Christmas do!  We had a lovely meal at Church on the Hill followed by a couple of cocktails in the bar.  I ended up having an early night as I was so tired after the night before and after eating at 3pm, I was ready for home at 7!

Saturday was a great day as Roz and I and a few other lovely bloggers were treated to a brilliant afternoon tea at Blythswood Square Hotel complete with an amazing themed cocktail and a pampering hand and arm massage, before we were all whisked off to the theatre to see the matinee performance of Hansel & Gretel by the Scottish Ballet!  Obviously you'll be hearing more about this very soon but suffice to say for now that we loved it and can't wait to share more details!

After our special day of treats, Roz and I headed to Silverburn to hunt down some maternity clothes for her as she's started to outgrow everything in her wardrobe! It was a highly successful trip (I managed to pick up a couple of gifts too) and we celebrated with Yo! Sushi for dinner!  :)

There has been a lot of love on instagram and Twitter lately for my gorgeous Christmas bow ring which I've been wearing a lot lately.  I purchased mine last December at the V&A but they don't seem to stock them this year.  A few of you have asked where to get one and I've had a wee search and I'm afraid I couldn't find any other than one on etsy which doesn't ship to the UK.  :(

Sadly my Saturday evening took a turn for the worse after relaxing on the sofa with my book (and a random crackling fire on the TV which I accidentally found on Netflix but have decided I love!).

Nik came home from another long shift and opened his mail.  We've received a letter addressed to him stating that the Assisted Conception Unit has received a letter from our GP referring us and to make us an appointment they need his partner's details.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that we were referred over a YEAR ago, received an appointment in MY name for the clinic last month, only to sit for 2 hours to eventually be told it was the wrong clinic for us since we've had a lot of answers from our private clinic (despite me ringing to tell them this when the appointment came through a year later and them assuring me that it was the right place for us to be) and being told we would be seen very soon on the correct clinic, I was instantly and simultaneously raging, crying and swearing.  How come they are suddenly writing to Nik as if they have never heard of me!?  All of the previous correspondence (including our letter LAST November saying they had received our referral and we were on the waiting list) has always been sent to me.  I am honestly just so fed up with this whole thing.  We still have no idea how the NHS system works other than the fact we have to wait  years from first being referred to receive any treatment and I am losing faith with the whole system as it seems more and more incompetent.

I am still waiting for word on the operation I am to receive on the NHS to try to sort my stupid cervix out so our clinic can hopefully perform an implantation at last after 11 months of treatment.  Despite being assured at that clinic appointment a few weeks ago that there was really no waiting list for that procedure and that it would most likely be before Christmas and me saying I didn't mind who performed it and could attend with 24 hours notice, we have still heard nothing since.  With Christmas in just 10 days, I am losing hope that it will happen before the new year.  I just want it done asap as we still don't know if it will even work and I feel like we have that hanging over our heads constantly despite everything I try to do to forget about that aspect of our lives while we're in limbo yet again.

Anyway, luckily I don't have time to dwell on it today, as this post goes live, the Glasgow Bakers will be arriving for our first ever Christmas meeting which I'm hosting here.  There will be lots of cake, yummy treats and mulled cider so I will be thankful for the distraction.  Now I better go and tidy up and get baking!


Unknown said...

I love reading your weekend re-caps - though I'm always amazed at how much you fit in, how do you make the time to work as well?

Really hope the NHS gets itself together and gives you the attention that you deserve and need.

Vics said...

Bex, I just wanted to let you know that I found the Chrismas bow ring online this weekend after asking you about in on Instagram. You can get a gold version on-line from the RSC shop for £3.99 (
Such a coincidence as I grew up about 15 minutes away from the RSC in Stratford and used to go there all the time :)
I've ordered one for myself for Christmas because I loved yours so much.
And so sorry things are still so frustrating for you at the hospital/clinic, I hope they manage to sort everything out and get you an appointment really soon! xx

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