Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunday Summary & Weigh In

by Bex

I've had a MUCH better week this week so am feeling much more positive than last weekend.  Sorry for the rather depressing moaning last Sunday!  Anyway, this week at work has been busy but I've generally enjoyed it - it's a while since I've been able to say that.  Our DIY shelf project worked really well and is now finished - I'll get the big reveal up on Wednesday, I love it!  I had a fantastic lunch at Rogano in town which Roz will be telling you all about soon (I've done a LOT of food writing already recently!) and a very productive Thursday.  Our Christmas tree is up and decorated and I had a lovely snuggly evening in with Nik on Friday night watching an old favourite rom com of mine, While You Were Sleeping, which I haven't seen for years.  I've wrapped all the Christmas presents and crafting is well underway, especially after a fantastic day on Saturday with Roz and D making cards and gift tags at ODCC and Roz and I had a fab evening at Bread Meats Bread with our hubbies :)  Oh and I am LOVING the Divergent trilogy so far, so much so I was up until 1am on a weeknight finishing Divergent, and another 30 minutes as I started Insurgent!!  (Which I suspect I will finish tonight!)

The weight loss is still going well too!  I've already managed to get down below my original start weight from last year so I'm very happy and despite plans for all sorts of foodie goodies over December, I will still be keeping up the exercise and trying to stay below my daily target for calories on My Fitness Pal, although I may be less strict about it!  It has sometimes been difficult logging everything when out & about (it was easy in Yo Sushi but I had to use some guess work when in Rogano and Bread Meats Bread, I've tried not to cheat and chose an option which sounds similar but was in the middle, so not the most calorific I can find but not the least either)

Start weight - 185.8 lbs (my start weight from my own scales, the doctors' had me at 196 lbs 3 weeks ago!)
Current weight - 182.4 lbs
Overall loss - 3.4 lbs

You can follow my progress on My Fitness Pal.

On the blog this week were a lot of reviews - places I'd been meaning to write about for a while so I had a catching up session when my writing mojo returned and got them all written.  Some good, Urban Bar and Brel's new Christmas menu, not to mention a fab spontaneous meal at The Finnieston (with info about an amazing upcoming Champagne 7 course dinner they're doing this Thursday!) and one not so good, Burger Meats Bun was pretty disappointing after all the hype and their personal and insulting response to Nik's review on Tripadvisor did nothing to improve my view of them.  Interestingly enough, since writing it a few people have agreed about the food, in the comments, via private messages and in "real life".

I also managed to find time to edit some more pictures from our trip to Malaysia this summer and told you all about our fantastic day out diving with Dive Down Below.

And a crafty project which I tweaked for Christmas - the paint swatch cards, this time with Christmas trees and snowflakes!

Next week Roz is showing us the first piece of furniture she's bought for the new house!  (I've had a sneaky peek and it's pretty fab!)  I've written about a much better burger experience in Glasgow than the one above and it's the Pin It Do It of our fab (if I do say so myself) Christmas shelves.

I'm really looking forward to next week!  I've got the afternoon off on Monday so I can get more of my wee projects finished in time for Christmas (plus it has been really busy at work lately as I've been the only one there 3 days of the week so a rest will be nice as my weekends have been busy lately too).  On Tuesday Roz and I are off to the Blogger's Christmas Party in Glasgow which should be fun!  On Thursday Nik and I are off back to The Finnieston for a very special meal and Friday is my work's Christmas meal.  Roz and I are both really, really excited about next Saturday, we've been invited to see Hansel & Gretel by the Scottish Ballet and we cannot wait!

Do any of you have exciting plans coming up in December?

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