Friday, 3 January 2014

A girls' night in

by Bex

The prompt for January Joy today is to plan a girls' night in.  I actually just had one on my birthday on Monday!  Nik was working nights so I invited a few lovely ladies round for nibbles, take-away, a DVD and drinks to help me celebrate (and mostly keep me company).  I was so pleased that so many people came, there were 11 of us in the end!  It's an awkward time of year (which I often moan about, along with D (aDizzyGirl) whose birthday is a week before Christmas) being the day before New Year's Eve and 5 days after Christmas when everyone is feeling the pinch.  A girls' night in seemed the best plan to keep costs down and stay snuggly in the horrible wet weather we've been having.

Everyone arrived and we enjoyed some of the lemon & elderflower fizz hubby made for us just before he left for work:)  Served with some of my favourite, baked camemberts and pork rillettes I made.  Simple things which were prepared in advance and served with toasted sourdough and rye (kindly provided by Gwen and Lisa-Marie as I'd forgotten to buy loaves!) along with olives and crisps.

After some fizz and chat we settled down to watch Pitch Perfect (perfect for a girls' night!) and ordered an Indian take-away from my favourite place, Kebabish.  Although I was a bit disappointed that they refused to throw in some poppadoms, salad and mint sauce given it was such a large order costing almost £100!  Our local chinese gives us prawn crackers and free ribs when we order £14 worth of food!  Anyway, the food was delicious and we all enjoyed the feast :)

I'd made a chai spiced chocolate baked cheesecake and everyone sang Happy Birthday for me :)  And Vonnie baked me a fab lime cake - more green!

Green flame candles!

I also received lots of very lovely gifts, I received 6 necklaces for my birthday and 2 for Christmas, it must be obvious that I am addicted to accessories, necklaces in particular!  :)  I will be doing a separate post soon about my birthday and new year's eve outfits which feature 2 of the necklaces.

Gorgeous necklaces from MIL & Mum (and Dads)

When thinking about it afterwards, I realised that apart from my 3 bridesmaids and a friend from university, the others were all people I have met through blogging.  It's definitely the best thing about writing this blog, the people I have met as a result!  :)

I spent the following day with Gwen and Siobhan who has just moved up from London to Edinburgh.  (Another great thing about blogging, already knowing local people when you move!)  We went out for a lovely lunch and then drank tea at Siobhan's flat while chatting about books and we've already made plans for another girls' night in January!  :D


Vivienne said...

Oh it is so lovely that you can meet up with other bloggers - I really need to do some networking up here to see if there are any willing bloggers who would like to meet!

ste said...

Gutted that I wasn't able to make it, sounds like a brilliant night was had by all and that cheesecake looks delicious! x

amy said...

Another quick nag for that recipe! :)
Sounds like you had a lovely birthday.
I'm always quite jealous of the Scottish bloggers crew, you all do so many fun things together!

Lisa-Marie said...

It was such a good night! Gwen and I were talking about how being friends with people 'off the internet' used to be considered weird. Her mum thinks our wee community is like the modern version of a women's guild, which I love :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a much needed girls night !

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