Monday, 20 January 2014

Bianca Jones jewellery

by Bex

You know I love dragonflies, you know I love jewellery, you know I love a bargain.  Therefore, it won't surprise you that when I saw this dragonfly jewellery at half price I had to snap it up!  Especially since it appeared to be end of line and therefore I might not have the chance again.  (They have now disappeared from the website so I guess I was right, although the dragonfly necklace is still available!)

I first discovered Bianca Jones' designs when I used to sell my photographs at the Merchant Square craft & design fair.  She was another vendor there and I loved her little hand made charms.  So much so that I dropped MAJOR hints to Nik about the little 'diamond' ring charm before we were engaged.

The hints worked, I wore it at our wedding with my Tiffany dragonfly charm and now wear it on one of my other bracelets :)

I've been keeping up with her via her email newsletters and she's since had a lot of press coverage including Vogue!  I love it when I like something before it gets famous, like when I buy something and then see it in my favourite fashion magazine.  It makes me feel stylish ;)

When my items arrived I fell in love with the packaging!  It makes such a difference when you order something online and it arrives like a little present :)  I love designers who obviously put a lot of time and effort into the whole customer experience, not just the items they make.

Each piece of jewellery was all tied up in a beautiful envelope and I received a few lovely post cards, one of which had a personal message on thanking me for my order.  Such a nice touch.

And the jewellery itself is beautiful!  My ring fits perfectly and the earrings are perfect - big enough that you can easily make out what they are but small enough that I can wear them to work.

The gold is vermeil (gold plated sterling silver) so it's not too expensive but won't turn you green!

A bit blurry, it's difficult taking macro photos of yourself!  ;)

I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of these in future outfit posts!

My other favourite pieces include the gorgeous little gingerbread man, the bumble bee and the wish bone.

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Unknown said...

I love that ring. I have no idea about earrings - though they look very pretty, but I LOVE that ring. You clearly have excellent taste :)

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