Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Chai Spiced Chocolate Cheesecake recipe

by Bex

As requested by Amy, here is the recipe for the baked cheesecake I made for my birthday.  I saw the recipe on Kirstie Allsopp's Crafty Christmas show and couldn't find it anywhere online strangely so I kept pausing and rewinding as I wrote it down!  (Although having searched again I have found it on Angela Malik's website!)

Anyway, I changed it slightly and since I wrote it all down anyway, here it is in a rather jumbled up way, basically my notes with pictures of certain stages.  It might be best to go to her website for a normal recipe layout!  :)

feeds 16 (which is just as well as it's a VERY calorific cake!)

toast spices -1tsp  fennel, 2 cinnamon sticks, 4 cloves, then blend/grind
I found this worked best in my mini chopper - the food processor was too big and left lots of large cinnamon splinters.

150g butter - melt over a low heat

300g digestives & 90g ginger nuts - blend in mixer
This took a while but did work well.

add butter to crumbs & 3 tsp cocoa & 75g choc drops, mix

10 inch tin
push into base & sides, leave a lip 
I don't have a 10 inch tin so used my 8 inch one and put the rest in a smaller tin for a mini cheesecake.

1kg full fat cheese, mix with
300g sour cream 150g caster sugar, 1 tsp chai spices to taste - do not overbeat
I wish I added a bit more chai as after baking it was less noticeable.  

melt 450g milk choc 110g butter together over low heat - add to cream cheese filling
I thought it tasted best at this stage and could quite happily have eaten a bowl of this stuff!  It would also be nice on digestives as a snack ;)

add red colour paste and 6 eggs, mix and pour over base
I left out the colouring as I didn't see the point, it looked lovely and chocolatey!

oven 150 degrees for 45mins-1 hour, if it wobbles like jelly, can come out
I left it in for just over an hour as it was still quite a runny wobbly and I was a bit worried about it being a big splurgy mess.  It did set very well once cooled though so would have probably been fine if I took it out earlier (and might not have cracked).

cool at room temp & set in fridge o/night
I forgot about this bit and made it on the morning of my birthday.  It set fine by the evening though, phew.

dab edible glitter round edges, sprinkle ice sugar over snowflake stencil, sugar paste stars, ribbon round edge
I did none of this.  I chose to pretty up myself for my party instead.  I did add some green birthday candles though :)

It was absolutely delicious (although most of us were full from the Indian feast so didn't eat much cake) and I loved eating the top when I was on my special 2 day diet (I wasn't allowed the base then).

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Vivienne said...

That looks immense, I shouldn't have read this!

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