Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January Joy - Social Media Clean Out

by Bex

I've been sorting out my Pinterest boards recently.  I had 72 boards and it was annoying having to scroll through them all to choose the right one every time I want to pin something new.  I would usually prefer to have lots and lots of sub-categories to organise my pins into but when on a pinning spree of different things it's easier if there are fewer boards.  Now that you can search your own pins I'm less concerned about finding things I've pinned so I don't need as many separate categories although I should get better at writing my own captions, I tend to just pin it and leave whatever's already written and some of them can be a bit random!

I got rid of a lot of boards merging most of the more specific ones into my Fashion/Style I love, Home Sweet Home, Random and Ideas boards.  I also merged my Girl Crushes into my Hotness board which was previously all male and merged some of my travel boards into just 2 - places I want to go and places I've been.  I'm now down to 48 boards.

Next month will also see the return of Pin It Do It every Wednesday.  I still regularly look at my Pinterest boards when I need inspiration for an outfit, a recipe or a craft project.  It even sometimes reminds me of things I have in my wardrobe, giving me new ideas on how to wear them.  I love it!

A quick search for more winter maxi style inspiration

As far as decluttering my other social media, I've also been whittling down the people I follow on Twitter and Facebook.  Something I've been meaning to do for a while.  Basically if you're not tweeting/sharing stuff I'm actually interested in then what's the point?  I keep missing things I'm actually interested in because I follow so many people/businesses.  I've kept all my real friends of course but general acquaintances on facebook or people who followed me on Twitter who I followed back but never actually converse with me or share anything I like are gone or going.

It feels good to have a clear out, even if I really should be focussing on clearing out our home instead!  I have to say though, I've gained so much from Pinterest and Twitter, I daren't think about what life would be like at the moment without the friends I've met on Twitter and without having Pinterest to inspire so many projects which are perfect for keeping me busy and blogging when life gets a bit much.

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