Friday, 10 January 2014

#JanuaryJoy - Plan some shelves!

by Bex

Another idea I had for this prompt (well it was actually Roz's idea!) was planning what to do with my Christmas shelves now all the decorations have been packed away.  Obviously the first thing Nik said was - don't buy anything new!  As I am trying my hardest to refrain from shopping and trying to declutter I hadn't planned to anyway.  However, I didn't think I'd find quite so many things to fill the shelves already.

I decided a few of the Christmas decorations could stay.  The white ceramic tree, mushroom, hearts, bird candle and glass drops weren't particularly Christmassy and I love them, the tree is actually one of our favourite ornaments.  I also added the zebra from the apothecary jars after emptying their Christmas scenes.  As for the other shelves, I decided I wasn't worried about filling them all but when I went looking round the flat for little trinkets to use I was surprised how many I found!

There were a few items from our travels - a wooden camel and kohl bottle from Saudi Arabia, wooden turtle from India (Nik bought this for me on his work trip there and gave it to me when he proposed in the Maldives after I met him in Sri Lanka) and the wooden mushroom I bought on a photography trip in either the Highlands or Yorkshire, I can't remember which trip it was!

The bark candle holders were bought years ago from Graham & Green in Portobello when I went to London for the first ever Any Other Party.

And the bottles were the ones I bought at Glasgow Architectural Salvage when we went there to buy the wood to make these shelves!

I also displayed some wee wedding bits, our lego 'us' and one of my little white frames with a picture of our cheese table mice :)

The heart next to the camel was one of our wedding decorations too.  I love having these little reminders around the flat.

You can see I've still left a few spots empty and I think it looks fine like that.  I'm not sure it looks great overall though so any ideas would be fab!  What would you display on shelves like this?  Would you swap any of these trinkets around?  Do you think the zebra is too random with everything else?  (I do like randomness but I'm not sure about the zebra here yet.)


Ailsa Britain said...

That's lovely - well done. And I'd suggest that you definitely keep the zebra - it was the first thing that my eye was drawn to!

Anonymous said...

Yes to the zebra!

domestikate said...

I love this idea, and the new non-Christmassy spin on it. Wood and white is one of my favourite combinations, and the glass ornaments work really well too!

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