Monday, 20 January 2014

My Secret Santa Gifts

by Bex

My first secret santa gift arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas.  I say first as something went wrong with the form and Anna K's details didn't register so when I matched everyone up I had no idea she had taken part!  When she tweeted her excitement after I started sending match emails I panicked and gave her me!  It meant I'd have 2 people to buy for but since they were both such fabulous people I was quite delighted anyway!  ;)

So, anyway, my gift from Anna was opened almost immediately!  It contained some delicious homemade biscuits (which didn't last long!) and a card explaining how she is not a crafty person but does know people and she had chosen me some gifts she thought I'd love.

Bless her she even gift wrapped the gift receipt!
She was so right!  She bought me 3 gorgeous gifts which are so perfectly me!  I received a lovely deep green cowl neck top, a black obsidian statement necklace and a green dragonfly cookie cutter!

Sadly, although I am ultra flattered that she thought I was a medium, the top was far too small for me and despite trying on the XL in store it was still awfully snug and not at all flattering for my shape (which I am genuinely gutted about as I do love it!).  However, as she had sent me the gift receipt, I managed to swap it for these beauties below...

Dyrberg Kern earrings

I had a scout around House of Fraser looking for something alternative and spotted these earrings (yes my first stop after the Phase Eight section was the jewellery section of course!).  So actually, Anna even managed to give me something else I love - shopping!  :)  Thank you lovely Mrs K!

As for my other gift, I received these stunning green champagne flutes from Amanda M!

I opened this gift on Christmas day since it only arrived the day before so resisting the temptation was easy as I was so busy making food anyway!  I'd had a sneaky suspicion that the package contained some kind of matching items (I was thinking candlesticks) as they were very similarly shaped and wrapped in lovely green sparkly patterned brown paper with candy canes.

We used them on Christmas day for our Champagne and have since enjoyed bucks fizz and Prosecco out of them when indulging in all the leftover Christmas & birthday fizz!  :)

Thanks so much for my pressies ladies, they are truly loved and wonderful, thoughtful gifts, both of which came with personal and lovely sentimental cards, also very appreciated!  xx

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