Thursday, 6 February 2014

Girls' Night In

by Bex

A couple of weeks ago I had a weekend through in Edinburgh after being invited through for a girls' night with Gwen and Siobhan after we all got together before the new year.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  Siobhan very kindly let me stay over in her spare room so I was able to properly relax without having to worry about getting back through to Glasgow :)

I actually arrived in Edinburgh early as I'd arranged to meet Lara for lunch and met her at Porto & Fi in Newhaven.  It was so lovely to catch up and we enjoyed some lovely food, although the service was a bit hit or miss.

My burger with blue cheese was awesome!

I had so much fun at Siobhan's that I forgot to take any photos that evening!  You'll just have to take my word about how amazing our homemade pizzas were (we had various combinations of cheeses, parma ham, salami, artichokes, chicken and sun-dried tomatoes) with siobhan's pre-proved pizza dough!

We spent the evening drinking fizz, eating, chatting about EVERYTHING, half watching (and laughing at the kissing in) Top Gun, playing the Icons board game with Matthew and laughing.  A lot.  It was good therapy.  Thanks ladies (and gent!)

Matthew even made us an awesome chocolate chip brioche fruity baked breakfast the next morning, yum!

And then the three of us (Gwen had to go home the night before) headed out for lunch to La Favorita which I'd remembered when driving down Leith Walk.  It was my absolute favourite pizzeria when living in Edinburgh, it was just around the corner from Nik's flat, although they even delivered to me in the west end a couple of times!  It may have been a bit of a pizza heavy weekend but I couldn't give up on the chance to have my favourite pizza while through in the east.  And anyway, pizza is one of my favourite foods so eating it all weekend is a pretty nice treat!

I decided to sample a different pizza this time.  I usually go for the Zia Rosa but this time I fancied the 5 cheese pizza.  FIVE cheeses, OMG!  It had Mozzarella, gorgonzola, pecorino, emmental and taleggio.  Such a great combo although I still wanted chicken (my favourite pizza topping after the cheese!) so they added that on for me.  Matthew had the Dello Stretto and Siobhan had the Parmigiana.  We all loved them and shared the chips (which are actually wedges) topped with truffle oil and parmesan!  So delish!

None of us managed to finish our entire pizzas so we asked for boxes to take the rest home for dinner.  Seriously, eating pizza for almost every meal isn't that bad, right?  ;)

Sadly, then it was time for me to head back to Glasgow, but not before remembering we hadn't taken any photos of us all weekend so Matthew kindly obliged.

Note for Matthew - don't tell Siobhan she's making a weird face in photos - it just gets weirder ;)

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Unknown said...

So glad you had a good time. And yes - it does just get weirder!!

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