Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Good Luck Kid

by Roz

If you've not heard of Good Luck Kid then people you are missing out!  I heard about them through a tweet from Michelle and then recently Lynsay included the recent pop up in at The Squid & Whale in her post.

So when I saw an announcement last week about a pop up in Bread Meats Bread on Monday is was very happy as I work just up the street so knew I could be one of the first in the queue!

The lovely lady in the stripy top above is Stacey who only started Good Luck Kid recently and hasn't yet established her own shop, hence the pop ups.

Just check out the jam and custard oozing out of those bad boys :)

I can confirm, in my humble doughnut munching opinion, that they taste as good as they look!  I really liked the peanut butter custard one, as I'm a massive fan of peanut butter, and the sweet / savoury balance was divine. But the mixed berry jam one was just as delish. Yes I bought two doughnuts and scoffed them both (a few hours apart mind!) and they definitely made my Monday.

I hope Stacey manages to find a permanent home for Good Luck Kid soon but in the mean time get yourself along to the next pop up or order a big box to enjoy at home :)

Roz xx

Bex here, I'm not usually in the town on weekdays so I often miss out on fun pop ups and events or lunches but happened to hear about a foodie meet up at Bread Meats Bread on Monday evening and invited myself along to fill the last seat at the table.  The food was SO good I expect you'll be hearing more about it and I had so much fun meeting even more new foodie people.  We all thought they'd long sold out of the Good Luck Kid doughnuts but the wonderful guys at BMB had saved us all one each!  AMAZING!  I had a jammy one (I'm allergic to peanuts.  Although I do love custard, not enough to risk death!) and it was delish!  :)

Graeme's doughnut happy sugary lip smile :)

All washed down with a cuppa ;)


Amanda M said...

Mmmmmm, they look AMAZING! Just as we'll there are hundreds of miles separating us!

Unknown said...

The peanut butter one was gorgeous! Thank you again roz! :)

Unknown said...

I could get into serious trouble with doughnuts like that!

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