Monday, 10 February 2014

Grill on the Corner with the girls

by Bex

We recently had a bloggers' night out to take advantage of Grill on the Corner's 50% off food deal in January, organised by Michelle.  It was SO much fun and just what I needed to get me out of the house at the moment.  Sarah picked me up and we met up with Briony in the bar and ordered cocktails while waiting for the others to arrive.  Michelle and Lynsay soon turned up and Vonnie wasn't far behind.

I sampled the elderflower gin martini and although strong (as martinis tend to be) it was very drinkable and absolutely delicious!  I will definitely be going back for one of those again soon!  The cocktails are delicious and pretty reasonable for well made cocktails in the city centre.  The ones I sampled were £7 each.

After transferring through to our table we all decided what to have for dinner before getting on with important catching up chat.  The bread and olives we ordered arrived quickly which was fab as we were all starving after anticipating a lovely big meal all day!
The gorgeous ladies!  (Michelle wouldn't co-operate for a picture!)

I went for the seafood mornay to start which was served in the most gorgeous little shell bowl (I seriously want to find me one of them!) and tasted wonderful.

Everyone else's starters looked pretty good too...

And since Sarah was driving, I had another cheeky cocktail - the Mary Pickford (a favourite of mine).

Most of us chose steak for our main course to take advantage of the amazing savings, four of us actually chose the same thing - the special 'Best of British' meat, and we all had the fillet.  Michelle went for the rib eye and Vonnie had tuna.

Various steaks and Lynsay's fab prince themed nails!

I opted for blue cheese sauce and creamy mash to accompany mine (making my own blue cheese mash as a result - sneaky!)

Happy steak face :)

My steak was absolutely divine.  Cooked to perfection and so tasty.  My blue cheese mash worked well too ;)

After a bit of a rest, we all opted for dessert too.  Well, it was 50% off!  I had trouble deciding as I wanted at least three of them but in the end I couldn't resist trying the fantastic sounding combination of apple pie with a cheese crust!  What a brilliant idea!  It worked so well, there was just a hint of cheesiness in the pastry which went really with the tart apple filling.  I don't really like ice-cream so I'd asked for cream instead and received a huge jug full.  :)  Nothing worse than stingy cream.  (Except maybe stingy gravy with a roast dinner!)

Unfortunately I was much less impressed with my latte which had a horrible mouthful of ground coffee at the bottom!  Yeuch.  Luckily we had some water left for me to rinse it down with.  Not ideal but it didn't spoil my evening.

Anyway, we received excellent service, Callum looked after us very well, and we really enjoyed our surroundings with the pretty chandeliers and twinkly lights (you know I can't resist fairy lights).  We left feeling pretty stuffed but very satisfied.

Due to our expensive taste, our food bill came to £35 per person and with my cocktails added on top, I ended up spending almost £50.  Although that seems like a lot since we got 50% off food, it's actually not bad for 3 courses, drinks, coffee and cocktails!  When you consider that the special fillet was supposed to be £35 alone, we did get good value for money.  I do love the food here but it's really only somewhere I go for a treat if there is an offer on as it does add up to be quite pricey if there's no discount.  Don't get me wrong, it's really good quality and very reasonable when there is a discount, it's just not the place to go if you're on a budget.

Group photo!

A lovely random stranger offered to take one with me in too so I squeezed into the spot where the flash reflected ;)

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Linsey said...

That steak looks amazing!

Unknown said...

That steak looks so good!

Kirsty @Bake Good said...

Looks good. I've never been so I'll need to go as a treat before I leave!

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