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Jacker de Viande - Burger review

by Bex

Yep, another burger place in Glasgow!  You already know my thoughts on Cocktail & Burger (which I've enjoyed many times since as well!), Burger Meats Bun (not a fan) and Bread Meats Bread (love the brisket!).  I also had a nice take-away from Buddy's recently too (I had The Bubba with a single burger).

Anyway, Jacker de Viande was the place we headed to for an escape last Friday night.  We just needed some time out together and a good burger was what we fancied.  This place is a bit further out of town than BMB (x 2) and (possibly as a result) was quieter.  The decor certainly makes a statement!  We entered into a huge room with blood red walls and ceiling, all with various animals dressed in suits or butcher style with lots of dripping red and black paint.  Their tagline is cocktails, meat and love and we loved both the cocktails and the meat.  :)

It would be a perfect Halloween party venue!

We were sat in a fairly quiet corner (I was surprised it wasn't busier on a Friday night but then, we hadn't heard of it and it's been open for a few months now) and were brought over simple menus with a choice of 8 burgers and plenty of sides.  After a quick flick through the drinks menu, I opted for the elderflower fizz and Nik had the Jacker D cocktail.  Both were very nice.  As for the food, Nik chose the classic burger (£7), southern fried wings (£5) to share and cajun fries (£3).  I had the Korean pulled pork burger (£8) with the macaroni cheese side (£4).  I do love mac n cheese as a side!

Simple menu (with added apostrophes) and lush cocktails!

The food arrived pretty quickly on a huge silver tray placed in the centre of the table which served as our plate.  It was ideal for sharing as the pot of fries, wings and mac cheese were in the middle and our burgers at either end.  I had expected my burger to be spicy having been to Korea, I know how hot the food tends to be!  It was still delicious though with a very authentic flavour and not so much heat that you can't taste everything else, I was very impressed.

Not the prettiest burger but oh so tasty!

What we hadn't anticipated was the spiciness of everything else!  The southern fried wings came with a very hot dip but had also been coated in a similarly hot sauce.  We can both take a bit of a chilli hit (Nik more so than I) but these were super spicy and in combination with other spicy things it was too much!  We didn't even manage to finish them.  I only had one.  The cajun fries too were quite hot but to be honest, we think that was mostly down to having eaten the wings first.  The heat lingers!  We ended up ordering plain fries (£2.50) as well as the water and macaroni were the only options to cool things down.  Next time we'd definitely select fewer spicy options and we'd both give the wings a miss.  There really isn't any need to pre-coat them in hot sauce if they're served with a hot sauce - much better to be able to add your own, bearable, amount of spice by dipping in my opinion.  If you like things super hot though, I'm sure you'd love them!  Of what I could taste of the crispy southern fried coating underneath, they were nice.  The macaroni cheese was very tasty, perfectly cheesy with a nice crispy topping and the perfect sized portion.

I also had a taste of Nik's burger and it was lovely, he asked for it medium and it was cooked well and nicely flavoured.  We both said we would definitely go back, I'd love to try the sticky ribs.  I really liked the full on decor as well, except the scary pig mask in one window, although I wouldn't recommend the place to a couple of vegetarians I know.  But then, I wouldn't tend to suggest a burger place to them anyway!  ;)

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Unknown said...

This is totally the kind of place M and I would love. He loves spicy food and I think the decor there is super cool. I want to go!!

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