Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My new best friend

by Bex

So, our weekend away in Bristol was just the getaway I needed.  In more ways than one.  It gave us time together just to hang out and explore.  We spent it with family, getting to know Nik's uncles better and staying in their absolutely STUNNING house.  We ate a lot of lovely food, home cooked and eating out.  We enjoyed lots of lovely wine and champagne.  We had time to relax and wander round Bristol and Bath.  (I didn't even do any shopping really, very unlike me!  Well, we did a bit, but I only bought a couple of used books and a necklace from a charity shop for a grand total of £3.25.)  We talked about our future, where we might live, what it might be like and celebrated the fact that Nik's interview was over.

I am now much more comfortable thinking about our future and almost excited at the prospect of a new city, even though we still don't know where that might be.  I still get stressed thinking about the practicalities, the unknown and the changes but I am generally much more positive about it.

I feel more relaxed and happy with life and have dreams again, even if they don't involve children for now.  One of the best things about the weekend was in fact this little guy...

This is Otto, a beautiful, friendly, happy little chap who I loved cuddling, playing with and taking dozens of photos of!  We also bonded over some of my leftover sausages from lunch on our last day.  I'm hoping he remembers me forever now ;)

It's so blustery my ears are blowing away!

Can we go home now please?

Isn't he the cutest?!  And Nik wasn't allergic to him!  All weekend, without any anti-histamines, and not a single red eye or sniffle was had!  This is excellent news as it finally convinced Nik that he isn't allergic to all dogs and there is hope for us having on of our own one day!  I loved having a dog when I was a teenager (read more about Gigha here) and have been trying to convince Nik for 7 years that perhaps a hypoallergenic dog might be the answer so we could become dog owners together.  He has now been doing his own research into it and is much more on board with the idea.  :)  A wire-haired breed seems to be the answer although I would LOVE a Samoyed, apparently one of the top 10 hypoallergenic dogs (it was actually number 1!) and super friendly although require a lot of exercise and grooming.  But look how smiley and friendly they are!!!

So for now, I'm dreaming of a lovely new home, making new friends (and potentially seeing a lot more of current ones if I move closer to any of you!), owning a dog and seeing more of my wonderful husband.  :)

I also have a busy week to keep the excitement going, I was at a wonderful Yelp event last night.  You may have noticed I have replaced my social media addiction with Yelp, OK not entirely replaced but certainly my current obsession is Yelp!  On Friday we're heading to Munro's for their birthday celebrations (they're having a 'Battle of the Brewers' free event for customers this evening in fact!), Saturday is another Yelp event - brunch at McCune Smith, then we're heading through to Edinburgh for Siobhan's party where we're staying over, then an AOW girls' lunch on Sunday!  Phew!  I can't wait!!


Katie said...

Aww sounds like a lovely weekend. Love your style of writing and photos. xx

Gwen - TheFoodieHistorian said...


So glad you're feeling more upbeat and that moving is becoming a positive thing (even though you'll be missed up here!)xx

Unknown said...

Reading this back to comment has made me fall in love with him all over again. He is SO CUTE!!

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