Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Outfit post - Summer maxi, winter style

by Bex

I really love this maxi dress I bought from M&S a couple of years ago but only wear it in the summer (see dressed down here in Borneo and dressed up here in Glasgow).  Since the colours aren't particularly summery (and it features my favourite - olive green), I thought I could style it up for winter and get more wear out of it.  I often have ideas for outfits which are disasters when I actually put them on but this one worked even better than I'd hoped.  I love it and was so comfy for a day wandering Edinburgh with Siobhan before meeting Lara for lunch, even in the rain!  You may have noticed I am seriously obsessed with my Oxfam coat on instagram too, here it is again...

Dress - M&S
Coat - Oxfam (Gannex)
Cardigan (T K Maxx) for extra cosiness
Hat - Primark
Gloves - M&S
Boots - Aldo
Bag - H&M
Necklace - eBay (vintage)

The wind kept blowing my hair in my face!

I know the one on the right is blurry but I loved it anyway ;)

Thanks to Siobhan for very patiently taking the photos for me!  :)


Melaina25 said...

Cute! I think I'd be scared to attempt a maxi in Glasgow winter with all this rain :)

✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

Unknown said...


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