Friday, 28 February 2014

Weird times

by Bex

(Foodie Friday will be live this afternoon with a lovely healthy casserole recipe from M&S!)

We find out soon where we will be living for the next 5 years (minimum).  It feels weird.  We submitted our ranking and now we just have to wait and see where Nik placed among the other interviewees to see which choice we'll get.  Trying to rank the list was hard.  Thinking about moving somewhere far away is hard when you don't know if it will even happen.  Brighton, for example, ended up being our first choice and from what I've seen and heard, I think I'd really like it there.  But I'm trying not to convince myself too much!  If we don't get our first choice, I might be disappointed now!

Since Vikki (my closest friend, in spirit, not geography) is now moving to Liverpool, it pipped Manchester to the number 2 spot.  I'm pretty happy with our top 4 choices really, North Yorkshire is number 4, as whatever happens, we'll be closer to family.  Nik's brother and some of his aunts & uncles are in London and if we move south, his parents probably won't be far behind as they'd then be closer to all of us.  I have cousins, aunts and uncles and my brother in Warrington, Darlington and Wakefield/Donny so the other top options mean I'd be closer to them.  And the obvious, my chosen family - my friends made mainly via blogging these days are scattered all over the country so I'm bound to be closer to many of you.

Obviously this also means I'll be further away from my close and very awesome friends in Glasgow, some newer than others but all equally amazing and supportive.  I'm hoping with the help of Twitter, Yelp and my blog (particularly through the help of book club, craft club and baking club) I will be lucky enough to meet new friends who are just as awesome wherever I end up.  It may sound silly but that is more on my mind than where I might work or live.  I think the main reason that I have loved these 6 years in Glasgow so much has been thanks to who I have met here.

I shall share news soon when we find out which city/county we will end up in!  Fingers crossed I'll be near one/some of you!  Instant local friends, yay!

As for other weirdness, I'm kind of going through a purposefully ignorant stage on the IVF front.  There is a plan.  I am not hopeful but I'm currently coping by keeping busy.  There are lots of baby related things happening at the moment elsewhere and I hope you'll forgive me for being quiet on that front, take this as a generic 'happy for you all' and please forgive me for being silent and focussing on other things for now.  Other things being food and jewellery ;)  I am mostly trying to live day to day, planning fun things (lunches with Roz and Briony, baking day with D, girls night with Sarah) to keep me occupied and I try not think too much about the future for now.

Amazing brisket in a pretzel bun at Bread Meats Bread and awesome pizza at Munro's!

I'm also back on My Fitness Pal and trying (semi-successfully) to be healthy and get back in shape again.  I actually got Nik to take some 'before' photos of me in a bikini last night which may well NEVER see the light of day!  He took some front on and from the side, both relaxed (i.e. letting it all hang out) and with better posture and sucking my belly in!  I think they'll be interesting for me to compare to though once I start toning up again.

I have my 10 year university reunion next week but have just found out Nik can't swap so is working that weekend (he does 1 in 3 and they always seem to land on something important like weddings, interviews, reunions...) so I'm not sure if I'm still going to go.  I can't imagine facing questions about kids, etc at the moment and I know a lot of the people going have children/are pregnant so it's inevitable after not having seen some of them for 10 years.  I don't know what I will talk about, the only things I am really proud of are my husband and this blog.  I wish he could be there with me, I don't really want to go without him there by my side.  I did have an awesome outfit planned though with a very cool new necklace.  Maybe I'll save it for something else.  Or maybe I should just get over it and go anyway, I might have a nice time getting away up to Dundee?  I don't know.


Penny said...

Sending love. Sam always says to flip a coin when you don't know what to do...if you're a bit downhearted by the outcome then you know to choose the other option! My SIL has just moved from Brighton and I know how much she loves and misses it. I think it would be a great fit for you, so creative and sociable. But you will be a great fit for everywhere, it's the not knowing that's the cocker! Crossing everything you find out soon and can start to make exciting plans.


Katy said...

Hey Bex,
as I say, I'm sad about Bristol not being an option... But I look forward to you being somewhere new and writing exciting new reviews of places!
I know how you feel in a way, we're kind of waiting for D to finish his PhD before we can properly settle down somewhere...
Also I've started writing a blog and I absolutely promise I am not even thinking about babies. Just FYI :-P
Katy xx

Nita said...

Just wanted to sympathise a little about the reunion thing. I very nearly didn't go to my 10 year high school reunion as it happened just when my ex and I were splitting up. I forced myself to go anywhere and did manage to enjoy it (though quickly changed the subject when anyone asked about my 'other half').

Oh and if it helps -just like Katy -I too have no intention of having a baby!

Nita said...

Bah. Anyway not anywhere

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