Thursday, 6 March 2014

Brighton Plans

by Bex

Sorry for the late post this morning!  I'm just writing this now after being distracted from the post I had planned for today, I stayed up late setting up a new blog last night!  

I know the stressful part of moving will start soon but for now I am enjoying thinking about the fun parts of moving to Brighton!  I'm extremely lucky in that I already have friends in the area although the majority are in London which isn't actually that close.  50 minutes (30 in some cases I'm assured!) on the train is great but still equivalent to the Glasgow-Edinburgh train.  Which is fab and I will obviously see a lot more of these friends which is fantastic.  However, it's not the same as living 10 minutes away from each other like Roz and I do.  I actually had a few messages from people in Brighton & Hove offering to meet up for cake, etc and even help with advice on areas when we start house hunting (as we really don't have a clue, having never even been!), including Anna's sister in law.  I'm so grateful for all the help that's been offered!  It also turns out that someone I met in Australia in 2004 (and recently found on facebook) saw my post and lives in Brighton!  We already have plans to meet up when I move down, it'll be a 10 year reunion!  :)   I was tweeted by Rachel who knew Laura was moving to Brighton who, it turns out, is also a fan of cheese and photography.  Clearly we need to be friends!  (Again, she's offered to get in touch after she's settled, yay!)

So I am left generally feeling how small a world it is when the internet's involved.  After just a few days, I already have potential local friends (assuming they like me when they meet me!!) and it's making me even more excited to get down there!  Having things to look forward to will make everything easier.  If our IVF fails again, if everything gets stressful with the house hunt or selling our flat or finding a new job, I have happy plans in the future to keep me going.  To add to this, I have also decided to start a blog about a new baking club already!  I figured it couldn't hurt to start gauging interest and getting word out about it.

I'm so excited to be able to keep organising baking club meet ups and running a baking club blog like I currently do for Glasgow Baking Club.  I did of course check first that I wasn't stepping on any toes and have googled to ensure there isn't already a similar club down in Brighton.  The only one I found is the Clandestine Cake Club which just isn't for me.  I love cake but I like being able to experiment with all different kinds of baking, not just big cakes and they have rules about that kind of thing and don't allow anything else.  I like pies, muffins, biscuits, cupcakes, brownies, tarts, meringues...  Also, savoury treats always go down well at GBC meetings!

So, The Brighton & Hove Baking Club is born!  I have set up the blog, facebook page and Twitter and am hoping to be able to recruit fellow home bakers who want to share their bakes and socialise, meet new people and have fun exploring venues in Brighton and Hove.  If you're in the vicinity and like the sound of it, please check out the blog introduction and about page to find out more!  Obviously the first meeting won't be for a while (probably Autumn so I have time to get settled once we move) but I hope to share a few baking recipes in the meantime and develop the blog that way too.  I've started trying to jazz up the blog a bit already.  I should probably be working on my CV but this it way more fun!  ;)

Although I have been struggling more to cope with life recently, I know how my brain works and now we know where we will be living, I can make plans and know this is what helps me.  Even if it turns out our dreams of a family are altered/halted, I can now see a future for us again and thinking about fun things I can do in Brighton is a part of that.  I may seem a bit premature in setting up a club in Brighton before I even live there but I know the thought of that will help me when I'm sad to say goodbye to my current club and friends up here.

I can't wait to move!  :)


Anonymous said...

So excited for your move Bex, and Brighton & Hove is lucky to get you!

Anonymous said...

You're totally on the ball with the baking club! I love it. You getting me inspired to do the same up in Inverness...also, talk about opposite ends of the country!
You've actually given me a really good idea about having an Inverness Club which would tie in with the old Inverness cookbook I blogged about a while back, so thank you!
Good luck with your club, I'll be coming to you for advice if I set up the Inverness faction x

M-J said...

Sorry, late to the party, but congrats on the big move! I've never been to Brighton but the photos you put in your post look fab. I'd love to live right by the sea, and I bet there is a great atmosphere there. It'll be good to be so close to London to pop there for the day to see some sights too. Good for you in setting up a baking club already! You're so get-up-and-go, I wish I had half your energy and enthusiasm. There is no doubt you'll make friends really easily. xx

Lisa-Marie said...

I think having something social in place for when you move is a great plan! I'm very excited for you!

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