Friday, 7 March 2014

Munro's 1st Birthday Bash

by Bex

Nik and I went along to Munro's 1st birthday bash a wee while ago and had a lovely evening out with Roz and a few other blogging pals.  We'd been invited along to celebrate and I jumped at the chance to go as I'd missed their launch party last year due to being in South Korea (a pretty good reason to miss it).

When Nik and I arrived, the others were already tucking in to some seafood delights which they generously shared with us but Nik and I were soon brought our own to sample.  The prawn cocktail was lovely as was the smoked salmon pate served on an oatcake.  Luckily we were very hungry that evening as it wasn't long before we were brought some hot food to sample too and the chicken wings and jalapeno poppers didn't last long!  Neither are things I would normally order but I really enjoyed both.  I also sampled one of the craft beers they feature, Arran Blonde, and really enjoyed it as a change from wine.

The absolute best thing we ate that night were the pizzas!  Again, pepperoni is not something I would usually order or enjoy but these pizzas were so good!

And the cajun fries were to die for!

Stringy cheese & chips, what's not to love?!

Since we received some generous 'Munro's Money' vouchers, we decided to sample some ciders too.

I tried the pear Rekorderlig and Nik tried one we'd never heard of before, Hornsby's.  Both were lovely, the Hornsby's was particularly refreshing.

We soon saw the Munro's keg birthday cake take a trip round the bar with candles and sparklers lit and we managed to get photos before it disappeared to be cut.  Unfortunately we don't know how it tasted as slices never appeared.

As I said, they specialise in craft beers and the bar itself was well stocked with a wide range of different beers and cask ales.  We decided to stick with cider though and enjoyed trying more different flavours/brands.

Before it was time to leave and since it was a Friday night, Nik and I decided to do some shots at the bar!

Sambuca and a French Kiss

And another for the road ;)

We had a brilliant night and really enjoyed the laid back, comfortable surroundings.  The staff were lovely, the food was great and we liked the general feel of the place.  There was a huge range of drinks, particularly if you like beer, and the toilets were clean and roomy.  All in all, definitely a place I would enjoy returning to time and again.

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