Monday, 24 March 2014

Random update

by Bex

There may not be many pictures in this post (unusual, I know!) but I'm not very organised at the moment and despite having SO many things I want to blog about, I'm just not quite finding the time right now.  I'm still trying to keep as busy as possible to keep my mind off impending knowledge of whether our IVF has worked and that has involved lots of meeting up with friends, going out, shopping, reading and watching films.  I've been having trouble concentrating on even the reading and films as my mind often wanders so I haven't done much photo editing or writing at all lately.

Last week has been lovely.  After the first couple of days being spent chilling in PJs, I spent every day out doing something fun.  I had lunch with Roz on Wednesday, Pammie on Thursday, Briony on Friday, various Yelpers on Saturday and some of our local friends on Sunday too.  I did a bit of holiday shopping (not too much Nik, I promise!), had a bubble tea outing with Lynsey and went on a great fun photo walk with Yelp, not to mention finishing my book and starting a new one which I've just been sent to review by Gemma.

Awesome burger at Jacker de Viande

Bubble tea at Tempo Tea Bar

I found Lynsey at the end of this rainbow, in a green dress.
Maybe she's a leprechaun!?   ;)

I'll upload the proper pictures from the photo walk soon
(my camera phone blew the highlights when I took a pic of the screen)

HUGE portion of lasagne at Tony Macaroni's in Livingston!

I have been trying to be healthy, contrary to the above choices!  At home we've been eating turkey stir fries and of course I've been on the pineapple just in case it helps those embryos stick!  It's so hard trying not to read into signs as to whether it might have worked or not.  Feeling a bit irritable at the weekend I assumed it hadn't as I thought it was PMS but apparently this can also be normal for early pregnancy so we're still hoping.  I found the first week post-FET quite easy but now my patience (what little I have) is wearing thin and I just want to know!!!  Only a few more days I guess.

I've started reading The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher - the blurb sounds amazing and I can't wait to get into it properly!  (I'm only on page 8!)  I do love a good magical fantasy book and this one sounds just up my street  :)

Mum sent us this very cool minion card she made to say the minions are on our side for the embryos sticking!  :)

I'm very excitedly planning my holiday wardrobe and am going for a very boho style for Thailand which you can read all about on Wednesday - lots of inspiration pictures and a few of the things I have purchased recently.  Including a gorgeous fringed kimono from Primark which I couldn't wait to wear and since it was sunny today (Sunday), I went for it with cropped jeans and a white T-shirt.  ;)

Sunday evening is being spent writing this while snuggled up in bed and about to read more of my book.  I'm also rocking these fab Brighton-esque PJ bottoms which I just had to buy when I saw them in Primark, in honour of our impending big move down south!  :)

I'm back to work properly this week so hopefully that will keep me busy and my mind more occupied.  Plus given the size of this book, I have to finish it before we fly off to Thailand next Monday so I have space to take all my maxis!  ;)


Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad said...

Super good luck with the embryos! Sounds like a holiday will be just what you need - it sounds completely amazing.

I really enjoy reading your blog so I nominated you for the Liebster Award! More here...


Bex said...

Thanks Rachel, Roz and I did the Liebster award meme before - see here: :)

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