Thursday, 17 April 2014

Home Safe

by Bex

After our epic 20 hour journey home, I ate a ham sandwich, slept, ate more ham sandwiches, watched Grey's Anatomy x3, slept some more and have been awake since ridiculously early this morning (and had another ham sandwich for breakfast).  The flights weren't as bad as I anticipated, bascially as I just ate almost constantly.  With the exception of having to use my blanket to breathe through to avoid the smells of everyone's plane food on our first flight, I had no nausea, yay!  Thanks for the salt & vinegar tips folks, I ate a massive bag of crisps during the journey along with lots of cola bottles, mentos and dry Special K.

I have a few plans with people today so am about to go back to bed for another nap before getting up properly and unpacking!  I really need to go for a proper food shop as well and am desperate for some new bras as mine are now all very uncomfortable.  Bear with me as I settle back into normal (pregnant!) life and I will be back writing all about the fun parts of our holiday soon!  :)

1 comment:

steff said...

Glad you had a more pleasant journey home love. Hope the nausea has settled down somewhat now that you're home. xx

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