Thursday, 3 April 2014

I Spy Edinburgh - Google Event

by Bex

We had SO MUCH FUN at this google city experts event.  While Roz was having fun in Glasgow experimenting with Lush's newest beauty products, Nik and I went to the camera obscura in Edinburgh and had a great evening of fun with Gwen and her friend, Megan (and Zoe was there too of course)!

As soon as we arrived [I told Gwen our happy news and she cried, bless her :) ] we came to the first exhibit - an awesome kaleidoscope video set up with mirrors to make it look like a giant globe!  I was having so much fun taking pictures of random, beautiful, colourful abstract patterns, I could have stayed there all night!

(above two photos taken by Gwen using my compact since her battery died - FAB photos Gwen!)

As usual, I couldn't pick a favourite so made a couple of grids of my 8 favourite abstracts:

We eventually moved on and found even more fun stuff to entertain us, the mirror maze and spinning tunnel made for some awesome photos.

There was a photographer taking photos of NAKED (one of the bands) while I was there so I took advantage of his flash with my long exposures!  ;)

We also loved the perspective room (which I was too tall for at the big end!):

I also saw what I might look like with super saggy boobs and with a huge cartoony cheesy grin:

 Nik's face after he sat on the farting chair!  Childishly hilarious!

Then we got our heads severed and served on a platter:

Before transforming ourselves into males, our older selves and chimps:

Worryingly I think I make a very handsome bloke (bottom left)!  (Top right is me "more feminine" and bottom right is Manga me!)

And there was some great entertainment from Panda Su (who it turns out is someone I grew up with in our wee village!) who is a gorgeous singer.

Of course, there was also delicious food throughout the evening, we sampled veggie burgers, cottage pie, macaroni cheese, sticky toffee pudding and tuck shop sweets.

There were some cool 3D pictures in a gallery and this one below reminded me of Zoe's recent awesome blog post (although they made a mistake, the picture in the marble should be upside down).

There was an awesome room of plasma fun:

And I made it out onto the roof for some awesome views (photos didn't come out very well) and some fresh air by the Saltire.

Followed by more entertainment from the very cool NAKED.

We had fun in the heat seeking room:

And I absolutely LOVED the awesome room of twinkly lights!  Many, many selfies!

Obviously I waited for it to go all green too!  ;)  I definitely need to go back here when my bump develops!  Awesome sideways bump silhouette selfie methinks!!!

I would highly recommend the camera obscura for a fun day out - it has SO much more than I was expecting and I will definitely go back during the day.

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steff said...

I absolutely love camera obscura, not been for YEARS. Definitely adding this to the list!

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