Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Moving on

by Roz

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts recently.  Both Bex and I have been a bit pre occupied over the last couple of weeks, for good reasons, but the blog has suffered as a result. Thanks for sticking with us :)
This is a bit of a weird post for me to's official our flat, and home for the past 7 years, has gone on the market.  We are finally making plans to move in to our Forever House.  It's all a bit surreal if I'm being honest.

I'm not sure I can find the words to explain what I mean in this post, clearly I've written a fair few posts about the forever house and I knew we would be selling the flat...but it all feels so odd.  Our flat is amazing, it holds so many memories for us, it's safe and predictable and it's just about to be Baby Star's first ever home.  I already know there will be tears when it comes to moving out.

I've never really shared much of out flat on the blog, but given the effort I put in to tidying, de cluttering and cleaning it at 39 weeks pregnant(!) I thought it would be nice to shamelessly share some of the photos with you.  I'm not sure our flat has ever looked so good!

Our flat is an upside down duplex, by that I mean you come through our front door on the bedroom level and have to come downstairs to get to the living room and kitchen.  Our building is one of the oldest in the West End (verified through a painting that was found in the basement of the hotel by the builders) and used to be a large private home before being turned in to The Wickets Hotel (it over looks the West of Scotland Cricket Club) and then further extended when the property was converted to flats.

As we bought off plan, we managed to pick the fixtures and fittings and play about with the internal spec of the flat.  To this day I still love our ultra modern, high gloss kitchen, even though I know the colour scheme is not necessarily a popular choice.  I will be so sad to leave our black mirrored American fridge freezer behind and the glass, glitter brick wall tiles.

I also adore my gallery wall in our dining room.  I started adding items to it after seeing the kitchen wall in my friend Clare's house grow with photos of her life and kids.  The pictures, painting, signs and posters on the wall have been added to and changed around so many times and the latest addition (the Killers LP) was only finally put up last weekend!

Our bedroom is lovely and spacious and has a big en suite.  It's funny looking at these pictures and knowing the plans I have in my head for the Forever House...the flat is quite plain decor wise (lots of magnolia that we never really got around to updating) we did paint a blue feature wall in the second bedroom and paint the hallway yellow but that's it.  In fact we were in B&Q on Saturday bulk buying white Crown emulsion that was on offer - we bought 12 of the 10 litre tubs, having already used up 8 of these tubs!! - and B asked me if we should get some tubs of the magnolia paint, I snorted and said no and he was genuinely a bit shocked.  Apparently he didn't know that the Forever House was going to be painted ALL THE COLOURS!

For the eagle eyed amongst you...that's the thistle bed throw I made at screen printing with Bex all those years ago :)

The photo below is the view from our living room window.  It is so pretty to look out on the cricket pitch all year long.  The space is used for everything from cricket to kids sports camps to outdoor fitness classes.  There is always something going on and I love being nosey!  It really comes in to its own during the summer though as it's a lovely place to sit in the sun, catch some rays and enjoy a cheap pint of cider from the cricket club bar :)

And our back garden is pretty fab too.  It's communal but well landscaped in to separate areas, that means you can always find a wee corner to enjoy a bottle of chilled vino in relative privacy.

I guess all that's left to say is...anyone fancy buying our flat?!  Ha, only joking, we already have viewings lined up from before the flat actually went on the market and whilst I will be delighted if we secure a sale, I will miss living here.  Hope you've enjoyed the wee tour.

Roz xx


M-J said...

Wow, the flat looks great. And the view, and that garden is amazing! However sad it is to leave a home (hubby and I recently moved out of our first home together and although we moved somewhere much nicer, I was still a bit sad), it's always exciting to make new memories in a new home, and next time it's a forever home for you, so the memories will build up over many years. That's kinda exciting! best of luck for selling the flat and the arrival of baby Star xx

Unknown said...

It is a lovely flat. Saying goodbye to somewhere you love is always a bit bitter sweet, even if you have a new place to go to that you know you will love even more. Your forever home is amazing. I really hope you love it as much as this flat and maybe even more as baby star grows xx

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to be able to buy your forever home which seems a n ultra expensive castle without having sold your equally fabulous flat !
Soooo.....envious !

Unknown said...

Thanks MJ x

Unknown said...

Yeah we got lucky with our mortgages that's for sure! But we also saved religiously, giving up holidays, cars, clothes shopping etc. to afford our new house. We know it will be worth it in the end though :)

Unknown said...

Bitter sweet is exactly right, thanks S xx

Unknown said...
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